Beauty is in the of the beholder. Don’t care with that saying, every woman tends to do any effort to make them look more beautiful and stay younger. They can start it with natural treatment, make up, beauty treatment or more extreme effort like going to surgery.


Natural treatment never gets old. Women may love spending time to their favorite beauty center, but this trick always works to make women have natural beauty look. Cucumber is popular to prevent early aging for women. The best way to make it work at best is using this veggie as face mask. It will make your face texture softer and is beneficial to overcome acne and burnt skin.

cucumber mask, natural remedies

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½ Cucumber

Aloe Vera gel

Citrus/ Lemon

Rose water to give extra relaxation effect

Knife, Blender ( blender ? ), small bowl, spoon


Step by Step to Make Cucumber Mask

  1. Peel the cucumber and cut it into pieces
  2. Put cucumber and two table spoon of aloe Vera gel into the blender
  3. Add ½ tea spoon of lemon water
  4. Add ½ tea spoon of rose water
  5. Blender until smooth


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How to Use This Cucumber Mask?cucumber mask, natural remedies

  1. Wash and clean your face and neck area, and dry it
  2. Use this mask evenly on the face and neck
  3. Let it stand for 20 minutes
  4. When it’s done, clean thoroughly with cold water
  5. Use this mask once or twice a week regularly


You may think it consumes a lot of time before. But it’s so simple and easy, right? For addition, you can add honey to moist your face ( for dry skin ). For those who have sensitive skin, this mask may not for you, but every skin type could have different reaction with it. Generally, this mask will beneficial to nourish skin, make it fresh and stay young. For those who wants to release stress, this mask also recommended for giving relaxation effect that calm your mind.


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Can I consume cucumber directly to get the benefit? Yeah, of course you can, it will make your skin healthy and look younger. Though, remember to take it in normal portion J