There are a lot of ways to lose weight done by people and therapist, start from regular diet, surgery and even extreme diet. Forget all those tips which risk to your health, it’s time to make a change for your life: Lose Weight Without Diet.


How could this become possible? Simply, it just changes your mindset and habit. You can do it once you have strong willing to lose your weight with not instant but keep you stay healthy. Check this out!

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1. Don’t Worry be Happy

Study conducted by Journal of Consumer Psychology found that mood affect our eating habit. People who easily smile and happy during their days has tendency to choose more nutritious food. Most of time, they will think further about their health. The research about this has been published by Merryl Gardner Phd in her study.


2. Set Fruit and as Your Snack

There are a lot of fruit which is good for your snack and yummy. First, you need to select fruit and vegetable which is rich in fiber to keep your tummy full. Berries are best good to prevent over weight, keep your blood sugar level and accelerate your metabolism. Berries are also rich in Polyphenol, one of anti-oxidant types, which help you against free radical.

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3. Slow Eating

Chewing your food slowly has good effect to increase water. It allows us to be more sensitive to distinguish between hungry and satiety. According to Meena Shah from Texas Christian University, eating slow also decrease appetite. Would you give a try?


4. Drinking Milk Everyday

At first, you have to select low fat milk contains CLA or conjugated linoleic acid to burn more fat in your body. By adding at least three glass of milk per day, it will reduce your calorie and suffice your calcium need to support metabolism and improve fat burning.


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5. Enough Sleeping

There are a lot of bad effects when you lack of sleep. One of them is disrupting your metabolism. As the result, you will not feel okay in the morning and tend to eat more sweet and carbohydrate, quoted from Kenneth Wright PhD from University’s Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory. Moreover, according to study conducted by University of Coloradi, people who get minimum sleep for five hours per day during their work day could lose their weight up to 0,9kg. It sounds so good, right?

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