Dark lipstick is now a new trend among adult woman and even teenager. Tough some women think apathetic with this color, when you know how apply it to your lips, you could have that sexy look like Rihana or Beyonce. The two are women who look sexy and beautiful with their dark lipstick. They know how to wear the dark lipstick at best.


 If you would like to give a try, then follow this tips and trick to make dark lipstick work for you!


  1. Exfoliation with Petroleum Jelly

Apply Petroleum Jelly to your lips, and brush your lips smoothly with fuzz toothbrush twist around. This action is required to exfoliates dead skin cells and prevent you from dry lips. This exfoliation is considered as important when you use lipstick with high color pigment in order to get smooth look on your lips.


  1. Use Matte Color

It’s better to use lipstick with matte color than the glossy one according to professional make up artists. Lipstick with matte texture also minimizes stains in your dress or glass because it’s stick and dried on lips. Moreover, matte texture is more long lasting than glossy lipstick, so you don’t need to re-apply lipstick every couple of hours.

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Rihanna looks beautiful with dark lipstick


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  1. Use Lip Liner

Lip liner is additional tool to enhance your lipstick. It prevents from untidy look on your lips and make it look perfect. You can start using lip line from the middle of your upper lip line, and pull it down, as quoted from Katie, a professional make up artist.


  1. Make Your Lips as The Focus

Dark lipstick will make you look brave and sexy. So, make your lipstick as the center of attention. Don’t apply too much make up on your face, make your eyeliner and eyebrow look simple. it’s time to your lips steal the show. To make it complete, you should wear elegant dress to give you cool appearance.


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 Will you give a try? It will make you look beautiful and cool, ladies!