Women are obsessed to plastic surgery and extreme treatment just to make themselves looking more beautiful and younger. Who doesn’t want to look younger and stay beautiful in age? Well, women will do.


Good thing, some of them know that looking beautiful is not that hard actually. They don’t have to go to extreme treatment or go to surgery just to improve themselves. They can rely on natural treatment and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


For having quick younger look, these trick below will help you to look like a teenage once again. It’s easy and very cheap!

Cutting Your Hair

When is the last time you do an experiment with your hair? Changing hair style will make woman look fresh and younger. You can use new trend or cut your hair based on stylist advise to get fresh look. Blowing your hair away from face area or tie your hair to back to make you look stylish. Something new will make make you feel brand new.

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Natural Face Lift

Natural face lift can be done with facial yoga or facial gymnastic. Do massage from your face area to neck. Massage your eyes area to reduce fatigue. While doing this, turn on the music to add relaxation effect.


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Wear BB Cream

BB cream will make your skin look softer, mild and brighter. Women has proved this is one of their favorite trick to have younger look.


Lipstick with Bright Color

Lipstick with brighter color and glossy effect will make your face look more enchanted and fresh. It makes you look shiny among those younger.

lipstick, beautiful, younger

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Health Posture

Do not forget to maintain your posture. Healthy posture showing your body quality. It’s important to sit and stand up in straight position for it will make you look slimmer at least by 5 kilos.


Apply The Right Moisturizer

Apply moisturizer on your skin type. Moisturizer maintain your facial healthier and younger if you make good choices.

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Drink 8 Glass of Water per Day

Never underestimate the power of water. This may old tips, but it always works. Drink 8 glass of water per day will boost your energy at best and stabilize your blood circulation so you can look healthier and fresher all days. Not only beautiful look, it will make you have amazing energy.


Isn’t that so easy, ladies?