You were in the middle of work doing something like browsing and surfing on the internet using Google, but suddenly it tells your browser “We’re sorry… … but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now. See Google Help for more information”. Isn’t that annoying?


This possibly happen when you often use search engine in short period of time. This glitch is disturbing because you do not meant to do any internet crime, just use search engine on purpose instead, right?


This glitch called as Google Blocking Search Result. It’s normally happened after you have done various keyword searching on Google repeatedly. Why? It because Google detects your PC sending automatic queries, doing suspicious activity or Google mark your activity as spamming. Yes, Google watch out your activity. Google tend to prevent your aggressive activity in order to protect the users. Thus, they will blocking your aggressive searching no matter it has nothing to do with spamming or suspicious actually –It’s a robot that works.


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How to Solve This?

To solve that Google Blocking Search Result you can use couple of method that is very easy and simple. The point is cleaning your history and cookies in your browser.


Clean History & Cookies for Mozilla Firefox User

Go to History > Clear All History > Select Time Range to Clear & Check All Option on Details ( depend on your purpose )

Clean History & Cookies for Google Chrome User

Go to History > Clear Browsing Data > Check on Browsing Data History and Cookies and Other Sites and Data Plugin > Clear Browsing Data


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Or you can use CCleaner for an instant result. By using CCleaner, you can clear history in multiple browsers and clear your general computer history at ease. You can download CCleaner for free here. After file is downloaded, you can use that application to clean your history automatically.


I used to restart my computer after doing this. It doesn’t really required though. After your cleaning process has done, you can now enjoy your Google normally.