Philophobia or Fear of Love is defined as excessive fear or falling in love or feeling attached to someone for whatever reason. People with this phobia may experience tremendous emotion swing when facing situation related love life, commitment and relationship. This phobia could thrive into chronic phobia when the one decide to keep it themselves and have no willing to consult with psychiatrist. Philophobia also affect one’s social life for they tend to be loner and avoid socializing with the opposite sex.

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Symptom of Philophobia

Person with Philophobia will experience extreme nervous, cold sweat, rapid heartbeat, could not sleep, dread of everything, shortness of breath and even nausea when they have to face the opposite sex. Their characteristic is fear of commitment and broken heart. They would rather be alone, talk less, socialize less and keep distance from people.


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It is not that they do not want falling in love. In many cases, people with this phobia is longing the feeling of falling in love too, but in other side, they don’t realize with hidden fears to involved in a love relationship. They are attracted with opposite sex, but has low confidence and tend to imprison themselves from future possibilities of relationship.

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How to Cure Philophobia?

Do not upset when you or your friend experience Philophobia. Philophobia can be treated by following this tips as collected from various sources.

  1. Relax and Calm

Anxiety disorder of feeling in love is part of Philophobia. It is because your nerve sends hazard alarm to brain so that brain caught it as dangerous thing. To relieve this, you need to condition your nature of mind with positive affirmative. Avoid stress and think too much. Divert your attention from bad to good thing that excited you. Take a deep breath in and breathe out, relax and calm your mind. You may need to talk to yourself that this is just simple thing and you can handle it. Doing this may not easy for you who suffer from this phobia, but regular exercise will actually helpful.


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  1. Diminish Caffeine and Cigarette

Cigarette trigger human heart to beat faster than it used to. Many health experts also explain how cigarette damage your inside organ in long term. Reduce consumption of caffeine and cigarette will make your muscle and nerve become more relax and you tend to have a healthier and better life.


  1. Leave All Your Worries

Let bygones be bygones. Something in the past may leave you strange and give you a trauma. However, to change what was happened in the past is impossible. There is nothing to fix but the future. Do something to heal your worries. You have tomorrow, a better day, so do something to make your world become more colorful. To make yourself happy is your responsibility. Leave all your regret in the past.


  1. You Always Have Friend to Talk to

Yes, this is the one thing you should not forget. Anytime you feel all alone, just remember that God haS send their angels to accompany you and be your good friend. Share your problem to your friend and see how big is their effort to help and bring back the smile in you. They may not solve your problem in hours, but sharing makes you feel better and know yourself appreciated and not alone. If you think you could share this to nobody, writing will make you feel better. Send your story privately to [email protected] to get some great advices!


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  1. Talk to God

God is the way out. When you feel hopeless and sad, raise your hands and pray, and you know God is always by your side. Send your prayer and talk to Him. Talking to God will make you feeling peaceful and relieve you from sad and disappointed. Involve God to your life will change your perspective about Love and human relationship.


  1. Meet The Expert

Consult with the psychiatric to get the best advice and therapy. The psychiatric knows how to deal with patients who suffer from this phobia as they will arrange treatment programs for you. They not only give you advice and therapy, they also make you believe that you can find the way out from this Philophobia and start your new normal life.