Google Analytic is one of most important tool for blogger. When you set up our blog and start publicize quality content, this tool is required to track further about your visitors behavior. This tool provide by Google to make our work easier. How Analytic track is very real and accurate. You can check your bouncing rate, unique visitor, blog interface and statistic just by adding this tool to your blog. That’s why people love this very much!


How to Create Google Analytic Account & Get Your Tracking ID

Before you install this tool to your blog, register is the first step you must done first. You can follow this step:

  • Make sure you already have Google account before. If you don’t have one, you can register on Gmail previously
  • Go to Google Analytic and choose Sign Upgoogle analytic, sign up, create, install
  • Follow the registration step until you’ll redirect to next page that command you to fill an analytic application form like below
  • Type your account name, blog name, URL ( blog address ), blog category, time zone
  • Select “Get Tracking ID”
  • The Pop Up Message contains agreement/ TOS will appear, read and click “I accept …”
  • Done, you will get tracking ID with like “UA-xxxxxx-x”

 google analytic, sign up, create, install


For one Google Analytic account you can create up to 100 accounts which you can manage based on account name and property name ( blog ). You can set it up easily on admin panel.


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How to Instal Google Analytic to Your Blog

  1. Install Google Analytic on Blogger

In Blogger you can use two different ways to insert Analytic code. First, you can add your tracking ID on Blogger setting. The second method, you can place a tracking code in your blogger template. To do first method, you can go to Blogger >> Setting >> Other. Scroll down until you find “Analytic Web Property ID”. Simply, paste your tracking ID on the box and select “Save Setting”.

 google analytic, sign up, create, install

If you prefer the second method, you can go to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML. Find </body> code. Paste your tracking code above </body> and then save template. Congrats, it’s done!


  1. Install Google Analytic on WordPress Self Hosting

If you use free version, you will not find a way to place your analytic code unless you do an upgrade to above version ( paid version ). So, I will just write for those who use WordPress Self Hosting. Installing Google Analytic on WordPress is as easy as install it on Blogger. You can use the second method like I’ve explained above ( using tracking code ) or simply use plugin. You can paste your Analytic ID at ease by using SEO plugin like All in One SEO Pack, SEO by Yoast or searching another plugin related to Google Analytic. After you find one and paste your ID, your job has done. Congrats!

google analytic, sign up, create, install, wordpress

Insert Analytic Code in Wordress by All in One SEO Pack


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