Learn how to choose the right bra for breast is important for woman. It’s not only about underwear and beyond, choosing the right bra will support your performance to make you feel comfort and confident about your clothes. Bra is essential support for woman’s performance and we can’t deny it anymore. The right bra will make woman have a better posture. More over, it prevent woman from risk of back pain, headache, tense muscle and injury.


Unfortunately, according to research conducted by MeetDoctor, only 2 out of 10 women who wear the right bra. It because most women choose bra based on color, motif and design. They can wear bra which sometimes is smaller or bigger than it should be. It’s not only make them feeling uncomfortable, but also affect their breast health in long term and causing 40%-60% of them experience various pain.


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How to Choose The Right Bra?

This following guidance will help you out!

Step One: Match Size

Your bra size should have appropriate size based on chest circumference and cup. How to determine your bra size?

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*Do Underbust Measurement. You can measure around the chest directly underneath your breast at steady height using cloth measuring tape. After you get the measurement, add it by 5 inches to it so you get your band size. If this measurement result an ODD number for you, you can go up one inch to get an EVEN number. The measurement should be suited the circumference over the chest, straightly higher than the breasts or under the arms.

*Do Full Bust Measurement. Measure around the chest at the height of fullest part of breast. Set the measuring tape horizontally, flat on your back and your arms have to be down.

*The next step is to determine your cup size by finding the deviation number between first calculation and second calculation. The result will determine your cup size based on the table below.


Cup Size
Half inch
AA Cup
One inch
A Cup
Two inches
B Cup
Three inches
C Cup
Four inches
D Cup
Five inches
DD or E Cup
Six inches
F Cup
Seven inches
G Cup


Study Case : Your Underbust measurement is 35″, add it by 5 inches, so you get your Bra Size is 40. In second measurement, result of your full bust measurement is 42″. So, your cup size would be 42-40= 2″. It means you should buy 40B bra.


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If you don’t like calculation, then you can you use Bra Size Calculator here. All you need to do is enter your bust size and frame size to get bra size that suit for you. Note, this guidance is approximation. The result is various based on shape, volume, and many more factors. Bra sizing also could be differences from one manufacture to one another.


Step Two: Note Your Bra Strap

Bra Strap is various and can be change in short lengths. Though, it’s advised to not wear bra with too loose or too long strap. It will cause your breast does not get good support or not propped up perfectly. It would be much better to choose elastic bra strap.


 Step Three: Know Your Breast Shape

Every woman has different shape/form of breast. All you need to make sure is selecting bra cup that cover your breast perfectly.


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 Step Four: Underwire Bra vs Wire free Bra

Breast with bigger size is advised to wear underwire bra for it props breast very well. Otherwise, breast with smaller size is better with wire free bra.


 Step Five: Comfortability

Make sure the one you choose through those four steps above makes you feeling comfort. It’s okay to spend more time to choose the right bra. Bra that bigger or smaller will not make you feel comfort a long day. Wear plain t-shirt when you will buy a bra, it will tell you how it looks when you wear your clothes.