No matter what, Google Adsense is still the best. You may discover many Adsense Alternatives out there, but I bet you’ll still find a way to get Adsense ads appear in your website. We can’t deny how Google Adsense is one of the best monetize program for your website. We have no doubt in it because Adsense’s popularity is number one througout the world. Adsense has paid millions website owners since the launch in 2003.

Compare to any ad network out there, Adsense is the best in term of payout and service. It makes you curious sometimes why it’s not easy to get its approval. Well, we know that Google is very smart. They actually constantly observe you and ban will ban your Adsense account right away is any violation of their terms and service is found.adsense, google, monetizeWhen you are planning to buy a website or an expired domain, it’s very important to find out its Adsense status. Unless monetization is not your priority, to buy Adsense banned domain is okay.

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How to Check if You Have Been Banned from Google?

Well, you’ve the solution here. You should not worry because you can check it by yourself at ease to find this out. These following websites will check it for you quickly:
Isbanned is one the oldest tools to check for Adsense ban. This website has pagerank 4 which shown how trustworthy this site. When you click this site, right from the homepage you will see submission form to check your domain name. After submission, the report will show up to report whether your domain is banned by Adsense or not. This site suggest to copy your entire website and then move in on another domain or you can send email to Google if you are sure never committed to violate Adsense’s terms and policies.

IsBanned, adsense band, check ban adsense, adsense status
Bannedcheck is one of the most popular tool to accurately check your Adsense status. This tool is recommended by many popular blogger and we too, recommend this for you. At the front home page, you can enter your domain into the field and click submit. The result is not only show your Adsense status, but also the Google penalty. IF your domain get penalized by Google, all of your website’s content will be de-indexed.

bannedchekced, adsense band, check ban adsense, adsense status

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3. is such as a complete package. This site provides SEO tool, HTML tool, domain tool and many more. You can use this site to optimize your site, check your backlink, check your page rank and check your Adsense too. The homepage of the website is full of navigation menu to accomodate visitor on what they are looking for. You can go to Adsense checker tool by click menu ‘SEO Tool’ and choose ‘Google Banned Checker’.

web hub tool, adsense band, check ban adsense, adsense status
4. provides various tools which is very useful for the webmaster. You will find this site as beneficial as You can use this site to pink your website, check backlink, brokenlink, alexa rank, page rank and many more. To find out your Adsense status, go to ‘Web Tool’ menu from the homepage, and choose ‘Google Banned Checker’.

Iweebtool, adsense band, check ban adsense, adsense status
Banned or Not is claimed to be powerful tool to check whether a domain is banned from Google Search Engine and Google Adsense.  This site has easy navigation for the user, that you could enter your website URL on the field and get the instant result quickly.banned or not, adsense band, check ban adsense, adsense status

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Checkadsenseban is another free tool to verify whether your domain is banned by Adsense or not. To use this tool, you can simply put your domain onto the field and click submit. When your domain is found to be banned by Adsense, then the result will instantly say so.

banned adsense checker, adsense band, check ban adsense, adsense status
7. ( Google Adsense Sanbox )
This tool was created by Amit Agarwal, popular as the father of Indian blogger. Adsense Sandbox is unique compare to all tools above. On the front page, you could submit your domain and enter the location of your possible unit ads to appear, and then click ‘Preview Ads’.  As the result, you will see various types of Adsense ad present on that page/ domain you have entered. If the Ad unit showing blank page, it’s most likely that your domain get banned from Adsense.

google adsense sandbox, adsense band, check ban adsense, adsense status