Change in weather is one of the caused why our immune system decreased. During that period of time, we will easily get flu or fever. Thus, it’s very important to improve our immune system with healthy and nutritious food.

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Quoted from Female First, this is 6 effective ways to improve your immune system naturally:

  1. Eat in moderating

Don’t eat too much or too little. It’s advised to eat new food that easy to digest. Consume more vegetable and fruit like orange, apple, strawberry or radish and prevent excessive consumption on dairy product and wheat.


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  1. Drink Tea

Tea is rich in anti-oxidant so it’s very good to improve your immune system. You can drink herbal tea 3-4 cup per day. Herbal tea contains ginger, turmeric and cinnamon which is very healthy to your body. You can also try other variants of healthy tea like green tea, or black tea.


  1. Honey

Honey has magic benefit for our body too. Take one spoon of honey will make you feel fresh and healthier in the next day.

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  1. Almond oil and Sesame

The two is cool duet which is very rich in vitamin E and anti-oxidant, so they are very good to boost your immune sistem. Moreover, they are also good for your skin!


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  1. Exercise

Tired is not reason to prevent yourself from doing exercise. Do light exercise to keep your body healthy like yoga, walking or jogging. Exercise also prevents you from stress, so your brain can be more relax.

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  1. Avoid Frozen Food and Processed Food

During weather change, our body needs more whole foods and warm beverage. It’s advised to avoid amount of frozen food, processed food and drink cold water in your consumption. It’s better to divert your attention to nutritious food and fruit. Passion fruit is always be one of the best fruit to improve your immune system.


It’s better to avoid the usage of drug first. When you have done these six ways, your immune system has improved very well actually. So, give a try!