How to start a healthy lifestyle? It’s very important question since the world are increasingly alarming. People are getting stuck with their busy life and being trapped with unhealthy stuffs around. It’s not that healthy life is costly or hard, but sometimes we are just lazy to start it and too much temptation to get everything quick and ready.


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1. Climb the Stair

If you used to prefer escalator over the stair, you can change your habit by now. In some times, you may need to go with escalator, but in other time, do not forget to peek the stair and climb it for your light exercise. Climb the stair regularly is beneficial to lose your weight, decrease your blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol level and reduce risk of internal organ inflammation. Thus, people who have regular activity climb the stair will have low risk of stroke and heart attack.


2. Reduce Sugar

Too much sugar will increase risk of heart, obesity and diabetic. Moreover, white sugar contains harmful molecule which damage collagen and cause skin to get wrinkled faster.


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3. Lunch with Vegetable

When you have lunch with more vegetable than meat and egg, it has big effect in long term to reduce risk of serious illness. According to study conducted by World Health Organization, 63% of death in the world during 2008 was caused by serious illness such as heart, cancer and diabetic which trigger by unhealthy eating pattern. So, guys, it’s better to fix your eating pattern.


4. Olive Oil for Cooking

Olive oil will decrease the risk of heart attack, as research by British Medical Journal. To practice a healthy life, it’s better replace your palm oil with olive oil to cook. It does make differences.


5. Meditation

Meditation is like a healing. It works wonderful to heal you from stress and depression and also reduce high blood pressure. Meditation drills respiratory and controls emotion. Regular meditation for approximately eight week will make people being more patience, calm and happier.

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It’s time to ask yourself whether you have commitment to yourself to have healthier life or not. If you do have, take these five simple ways to get healthier lifestyle is mandatory.