Is it possible to make real money from internet? Yes, no doubt. Everyone can make money from internet once they willing to try and learn. No need special skill, there are a lot of people who makes hundred and even thousands dollar per days everyday. They do living from internet. So, if you think internet is only place to have fun, you are wrong. Internet has made a great change in people live by giving them a side job or full time job. How do they make money? Find out here!


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  1. Building a Website

Building a website could not be overnight. But it’s not too hard either. If you have not start yet, it’s time to give your first try with free website platform like blogger. With blogger, you can create your free blog with no cost.  Blogging is very easy and fun. When you start it from zero, you may need to learn how to do it and see it work. You have to start it with good articles, use social sharing, learning SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), how to get more traffic and how to monetize and many more. Don’t think about monetize when you’re just start it, you need to build it first without hurry. Once your blog improved, it’s time to learn how to monetize your blog with advertiser and more ways.


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  1. CPM and PPC

CPM stands for Cost per Mile, while PPC stands for Pay per Click. Both are ways to monetize your website based on impression and click on advertisement. There are a lot of CPM and PPC programs around internet, like Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolink, etc. Before you register, you have to read their ‘Term Of Service” or ‘Agreement’ and prepare your blog, so it would work for you.


  1. Affiliate Program

Join Affiliate Program is very easy. You can be affiliate of a website and help them to sell their product. You will get commission on every product you sell. Affiliate program is one of most popular ways to make money from internet. Hundreds of people have make a living with this. Some affiliate programs are Amazon, Clickbank, Agoda, etc.


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  1. Sell Your Own Product

Find out what people look for and create your own opportunity by selling your product. Simply, it’s time for you to have an Online Shop. For this purpose, you don’t have to have your own website. You can create fans page on Facebook to start selling and use Facebook, blackberry messenger, Instagram, twitter and other social medias to promote your business. Sell your own product is the easiest ways to make money online without have to be afraid of being banned when you start collecting your penny. It would be greater once you launch your official online shop website though.


  1. Sell Service

If you have special skill, then promote it in internet. Example you’re good at writing, you can sell your writing on internet. If you are good at design, drawing or sell another service, you can do so. Fiver is one of good place where people promote their service on internet. If they can do it, you can do it too.