Breakfast is first energy for everyone. Not only nutrition for adult, breakfast is also essential for your kids. Healthy breakfast will maintain their health and improve their brain concentration. Familiarize breakfast for your kids will create an eating pattern until they grow up. To make your kids enjoy it, you can serve it instantly at ease. Health breakfast’s ingredient for your kids is almost everyday ready at your home. Provide them what is good will support their growth at best!


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Egg is good source for selenium and mineral to improve your kid’s immune. Both the white and yellow part of egg is very rich in nutrition to support regeneration of body’s tissue and cell. Moms can serve various meals with egg. It could be omelet with vegetable or various snack to be your kid’s favorite.


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Fruit and Veggie

Make fruit and veggie become their favorite! Both is perfect couple which is rich in mineral and vitamin to support your kid’s growth. Papaya, strawberry, carrot and orange are rich in vitamin C to maintain their immune system and also carotenoids. Various vegetable will protect your children from virus and weather change. If your kids don’t like raw fruit and vegetable in meal, you can do trick by juggling them into smoothie, soup, salad or even a cake! Give a try and see how they like it!


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Meals with carbohydrate will make good energy for your children. You can do experiment with rice, noodles, cereal and bread to make your kids excited. Yummy fried rice can be good option when you have a rush day. Homey burger also will make your children enjoy their breakfast.

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Tofu is rich in vegetable protein for it made from soybean. You can serve tofu in various ways like crush it over to turn tofu into cute form with help of mold for your kid’s breakfast.


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Serve a glass of milk for your kids to start their day. Milk is rich in calcium and protein. It is very good for their health, to support their bone and tooth’s growth.