Age doesn’t lie. Though, sometimes it’s just too scary to heard wrong guess from people saying we look older than we are. It feels like we don’t want to get mirror just to check how many wrinkle and a fine line starting to appear. You may need a change! And you can do it from the smallest thing, without surgery or expensive treatment. Perhaps, you have bad habits that affect your skin health and the whole body. These bad habits could be wrong and be the reason behind your ‘look’ older skin.

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1. Sleeping Less than 8 Hours a Day

Lack of sleep is one example of bad lifestyle. It shortens time of cells in your body that fasten the aging process. Ideally, sleeping time is approximately 7-8 hours a day. Having enough sleeping is not only good for your skin health, but also good for your heart and memory and more various benefits.


2. Spending Too Much Time in Front of Television or Computer

When you are enjoying television or computer so much, you can waste hours in front of it sitting and snacking. It triggers obesity since sitting more than 30 minutes set your body save the sugar inside the cell. Therefore, if you’re fans of television or computer, it’s recommended to take a walk break every 30 minutes.


3. Overriding Eye Cream

Caring skin around your eyes is significant for it’s thinner than other surface of your face area. This is also the reason why wrinkle is easily appeared in this area. To help your eyes, you should apply eye cream everyday to prevent fine wrinkles.


4. Overriding Sun Block

Sometimes we are too lazy to apply sun block, except we take time off to the beach. Whereas, there are many outdoor activities so that our skin need extra protection from the sunlight. The small often activities like riding motorcycle, walking under sun or any outdoor activity have more damage to your skin. The exposure of sunlight contains Ultra Violet which is the main cause of aging in your skin. So, it’s time to be more careful taking care of your skin: apply sun block to your skin each time you have to go outdoors.

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5. Too Much Make Up

Too much make up will clog pores in your face, especially that oily base material’s make up. Beside, make up with perfume, chemical and alcohol material will cause your skin drier and bring further effect. For the way out, it’s better use natural make up which is suit to your skin type.


6. Don’t Stick Your Face to The Pillow While Sleeping

It’s another bad sleeping habit that you may not realize you have done it. Your sleeping position also affects your skin health actually. When you sleep sticking your face to the pillow, collagen and support tissue will be weaker and weaker by the time. Therefore, it triggers your skin aging process and appears wrinkle in your face.


When you start your habit, you may not get instant result. This natural tips will give you good lasting result in long term. Do it by now and get the result then!

older look, aging, tips, beauty, aging process

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