We can’t deny that more years in our life can be seen by changes in our skin texture. Nowadays, people are in competition to go to beautician and purchase expensive beauty gadget to help them with skin problem and aging. Not only beauty treatment from outside that important. We need inside beauty treatment that protects our skin from early aging and other skin problem too. Protection for our skin from inside can be done with food and nutrition. Bad food selection in our daily may contribute in early aging without you notice it. Even worse, they can shorten life because affecting telomere as one cell component that protect DNA from damage.


 Treatment from inside can be started by avoiding foods that have bad effect for your skin and health. Let’s check whether four foods below are in your daily menu!


  1. Soda

 According to research involved 5,309 people published on American Journal of Public Health, soda has made aging process 4.6 years faster than other food. The effect of soda for your health is almost same with effect result from smoke habit. Soda also contains high sugar that increases risk of diabetes. 


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  1. Processed Meat

A study in 2008 with 840 people proved that processed meat is big enemy of telomere. People who consume processed meat one portion every week or more will have shorter telomere than those who rarely take processed meat such as pepperoni or hot dog.


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  1. Red Meat

Red meat often associated with risk of heart problem and cancer. More red meat in your daily consumption also shortens telomere as research conducted by Clicical Nutrition. If you really love red meat in your menu, it’s better to balance it with more fiber and nutrition from vegetable and fruit.


  1. Alcohol

Alcohol caused chronic illness and metabolic syndrome. Telomere is shorten also caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, as study conducted by Cancer Research Annual Meeting.


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 You are what you eat, as the saying goes. You need to remember those foods above to prevent faster aging and have a healthier life.