Digestion system is important to maintain a healthy body for it supports function of other organ and removes toxin from our body through urine and fesses. Thus, maintaining the health of our digestion system must be done from the start, especially colon. Colon is a filter for good compound and to get rid of bad compound for body. Colon is also known as center of approximately 80% cells of immune. Healthy colon makes organ work normally and prevents you from stomachache, constipation and other indigestion.

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How to maintain a healthy colon?

Having healthy colon is possible when you are willing to change your lifestyle and nutrition intake into the healthier one. It’s very easy to find numerous articles throughout internet to help you how to have healthy diet for your colon’s health. Alejandro Junger, the cardiologist from New York gives you free tips how to select healthy food to accelerate function of colon to work well in digestion. Read on and enjoy your healthir life!


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1. Select Food with Probiotics

Probiotics is good bacteria which available on fermentation food and supplement. It increases number of good bacteria in colon. One of food with Probiotics is Yogurt which rich in Bifid bacteria.  Bifid bacteria releases substance to create acid habitat cannot be penetrated by bad bacteria. It also has Lactobacillus to maintain colon’s health and improve mood.


2. Take Prebiotic

Prebiotic is food for good bacteria ( Probiotics ). Take enough Prebiotic has proved to reduce bowel disorder and allergic in skin. Foods contain Prebiotic are carbohydrate complex such as brown rice, onion, garlic, whole wheat and asparagus.

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Asparagus as good source of Prebiotic/ (c) Pixabay


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3. Say NO to High Fat

According to Rob Knight, professor from University of Colorado, some fats can increase population of bad bacteria. High fat food also damages colon for making harmful substance and bad bacteria enter vascular. Now be careful with your nutrition intake by always choose healthier food.