What is the best way to treat flu without drug?

When you get flu, it may not necessary to hurry up to go to doctor. Flu caused by influenza virus with symptom like cold, headache and fever. When people get flu, they will have their stamina decreased and limp. No need to worry, flu itself can be cured by taking enough nutrition to fight against virus. Some foods are the best remedies to cure flu quickly. So, it’s better to include these foods below and see how it works before you decide to see the doctor.


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If you feel not okay


  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is beneficial to maintain our immune system and treat flu and cold. Vitamin C is easy to find in orange, green paprika, strawberry, pineapple and mango.

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Orange is good source of vitamin C/ (c) Pixabay


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  1. Ginger

Ginger drink is very popular in many countries in Asia such as Indonesia. Ginger drink works very well to heal cough and fiver. It’s very easy to serve ginger drink: grate ginger and squeeze it with warm water, and add brown sugar to get sweet taste.


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  1. Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidant which works very well to fight against bacteria and free radical. It also contains catechin and theanin to maintain body from flu.

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  1. Spinach

Spinach is rich in folat, fiber, anti-oxidant and more. Folat helps body to produce new cell and fix DNA. How to get benefit of spinach to cure flu? Simply, cook spinach as vegetable for approximately 10-15 minutes.

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  1. Garlic

Garlic is rich in anti-oxidant and selenium to improve immune system and fight against bacteria and virus in flu. To activate enzyme which work to increase body’s immune, cut onion into small pieces and let stand up to 20 minutes before using it to cook.


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Have you given a try? So, it’s time to give a try. Try these foods when you get flu and you don’t have to go to doctor.