Longevity can be maintain by having healthy lifestyle and take care of your nutrition intake. People who put health as first in their life will be very careful and discipline with their life pattern.

There are daily habits that shorten life. We may not realize since it could be very custom and we do it very often. Check this out!


  1. Too Much Coffee

Dark coffee is actually beneficial for your health when you drink it in proper portion. However, when you consume it excessively, it will increase your blood pressure. Your body will expend epinephrine to stop insulin activity. Moreover, caffeine in coffee is substance that will keep you awake and disturb your sleeping pattern.

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  1. Sitting Too Much

When you spend most of your time at office sitting in front of computer, you should make it balance with exercise and moving. It’s advised to take a break, stand up from your chair and walk a few steps every 1-2 hours. Sitting too much and less mobile not only make your body stiff, but also result in further complication and chronic illness such as heart and type 2 diabetic.


  1. Sleeping Pills

Taking sleeping pills help people in sleep disorder to get early rest. Unfortunately, sleeping pills is not good for you in long term. According to expert, people who consume 132 sleeping pills in one year have higher risk of cancer up to 35%.

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  1. Too Much Salt

Hypertension has strong correlation with salt. According to Fendy Susanty from Nutrifood Research Centre, half tea spoon of salt will increase systolic pressure up to 5 points and diastolic pressure up to 3 points. High salt in blood interfere function of kidney and result in increased of blood volume.

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