Most people with high blood pressure or hypertension tend to avoid coffee in order to maintain their health. Some even called coffee as the big enemy. The various researches in USA revealed there is no evidence coffee ups risk of high blood pressure. More over, Starbucks also stated there is no link between hypertension and coffee intake for women.


On their journal, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported the result of study involved 170000 people that coffee is safe for hypertension patients.

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“The habit of drinking three cups of coffee a day had nothing to do with an increased risk of hypertension”, said Liwey Chen, the researcher from Public Health of University of Louisiana at New Orleans.


Lawrence Krakoff from Mount Sinai Medical Center at New York also added “In my opinion, coffee does not pose a risk of high blood pressure”. Krakoff also explain that link between coffee and high blood pressure is indeed hard to explain for it very depends on each person. He believes genetic background which decide how reaction of coffee to one’s situation. Drinking coffee in large portion might safe for somebody, but also cause a damage for somebody else. Thus, he believes it’s not correct to link coffee with high blood pressure.


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Well, it’s true that everybody might has different situation to accept caffeine. The research has done from various resources involved the expert. You may take three cups of coffee per day. But it’s better take less than three cups if you’re not sure about it. Enjoy your coffee, but take care your health is important too.