Bounce Rate is not strange SEO term anymore for any blogger. will help you to recognize definition of Bounce Rate ( BR ), analyze it, understand the benefit of your BR and to know how important the role of Bounce Rate for your website optimization.


Per definition, Bounce Rate is percentage number of visitors who come to your website’s page and leave without interest to view other pages or posts of your website. Literally, it is number of visitor viewing one page only and leaving. BR could be one of indicator of a website’s performance. Blog with high percentage of bounce rate could be not attractive for Google for its failure to provide information that visitor looking for, or hard to navigate or people have no interest to communicate further with your pages. BR analysis can be used as tool to determine your visitor’s satisfaction. It can tell you whether your audiences met their expectation when visiting your pages or not. Don’t take early conclusion tough!



How to Count The Bounce Rate Manually:

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Rb: Bounce Rate

Tv: Number of visitors viewing one page only

Tv: Total number of blog’s visitors


Example, has 1000 visitors, but 250 of them visit only one page and then leaving. So, has bounce rate ==> (250:1000) x 100% = 25%. Now, it’s your turn to count your blog’s bounce rate!


How to Count The Bounce Rate Easily

If you don’t like counting manually, q and Alexa Tools will do it for you. Yes, Alexa Tools is one of leading company in internet and web technology which popular with it Alexa Rank. How to use Alexa Tool to count percentage of your Bounce Rate?


  1. Make sure you have Alexa Toolbar installed in your web browser. If you don’t have it yet, you can go to to get this toolbar.
  2. Visit your website by typing it on address bar of a new tab
  3. After your website load perfectly, divert your attention to Alexa Toolbar and Click “Global Rank”. Click on “Alexa Rank site”
  4. You will be redirected to your website rapport from Alexa Tools.
  5. Go to “How engaged are Visitors” and then you can see the bounce rate percentage of your website.


Hmmm.. it is so easy, isn’t it? You can do Bounce Rate analysis with Google Analytic too now. Step by step is so easy!


Bounce Rate Scenarios

– Click “Back” button

– Click an external link

– Types another URL on browser

– Session Times Out ( approximately 30 minutes )

– Close the browser tab


Lower Bounce Rate is Better

According to various source, 20% is indicator of good bounce rate for any site – single page website like mini-site is the exemption. Though, Bounce Rate is actually not the only indicator to judge a website’s performance. Other factors are counted.


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Fact: Bounce Rate is Not Always Negative!

High bounce rate may not good as it show that your content doesn’t engage or something is misleading. You need to reduce bounce rate to meet visitor’s expectation with tricks like exciting contents, using headline and call-to-action trick. Though, bounce rate measurement should be analyzed based on website’s purpose and definition of conversion. It means, high bounce rate is not always showing poor performance of certain website. There many sites with particular niche which it purpose is achieved without determining the bounce rate. For example is one page website or mini-site which has nothing to do with bounce rate and focus on purchasing conversion was made. Also on site with recipe or dictionary niche, usually bounce rate is not meaningful to determine their performance because most visitor leave after get short information they seek.


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We also couldn’t judge website performance only from it bounce rate. Yes, high bounce rate needs to be improved sometimes, but it’s not the only effort for your optimization.


Reason for High Bounce Rate

– Single Page Site

According to Google Analytic, for mini-site, they don’t register multiple page views unless users reload the page. It is the reason why single-page sites almost be sure to have high bounce rate.

– Incorrect Implementation, if high bounce rate remain occurs from multiple-pages site, you may need to check whether you have added the tracking code to all of your pages or not.

– Site Design, check what’s wrong with your design and give a quick help.

– User Behavior, not every visitors are ready to commit. Even the loyal user may leave your site to session time-out after get information they need and it’s also considered as a bounce, right??


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How to lower the Bounce Rate? There are many easy tips to lower your Bounce Rate actually. The key, serve the best for your visitors! This is the quick tips may help you:


– Submit more high quality content. More good content you have, more visitors will enjoy your site. Even, they wouldn’t mind to bookmark your site and visit you again –it’s great to have loyal visitors.

Call-to-action Strategy, first you must have clear intention about this call-to-action on the landing page.

– Increase internal link to create connection with other page in your website.

– Create easier navigation for your visitors. It’s good to help your visitors finding what they were looking for in your website.

– Use responsive design for your website so it could adapt well to any screen size.

– Avoid to use poor design, make sure your content is readable, the combination between font size, color and contrast is friendly for your visitor.

– Install supporting plugin or widget to give references to your visitors. For example, you can have ‘similar post’ or ‘related post’ under your blog post or “popular post” on your sidebar.

– Avoid too many widgets and ads. They make your website load heavily and ruin your website design. Seriously, they are so annoying!


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So, what to do now? Well, let’s check your home and do some analysis. If you find your bounce rate is bad for a mistake, you know can use one of above strategies to be implemented. But if you consider bounce rate has nothing to do with your customer satisfaction, you can skip to another optimization.


Good luck!