Yes, we know you are greedy enough to find out more social sharing plugin for WordPress. We have share the best general social sharing plugin 2015 in previous post, so it’s time to dig more on more specific tool, sharing plugin for twitter and Instagram. No, we’ll not share too many because our 18 list before has made your belly full, ah?


Twitter has widely used throughout the worlds, be it by celebrities, popular politician or news-maker. So, you know actually twitter could be great tool to attract more visitor to your website. These twitter sharing plugin below will add some fuel for your Twitter marketing:



  1. ClickToTweet

ClickToTweet is created by the team behind CoSchedule, one of the most popular WordPress plugin. With this plugin, twitter marketing would be so easy. You can start sharing post into tweet-able contents and they can be tweeted out in single click! Wouldn’t be that cool?

Click to Tweet, twitter sharing plugin, plugin, wordpress


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  1. TweetDis

TweetDis is very recommended twitter sharing plugin alternative to ClickToTweet. This plugin has ability to customize the whole twitter sharing experience. It features 12 different designs that you can create and customize further.

TweetDis,  twitter sharing plugin, plugin, wordpress

Now, what about Instagram sharing plugin? If your site contains more images or even images base, you will find this plugin very useful. Especially, most general social media sharing plugin doesn’t support Instagram sharing. Actually you can gain more visitors by this Instagram marketing!


  1. Simply Instagram

Simply Instagram integrates photos from your Instagram account into content areas using short codes or a widget. This plugin will let you to show a link back to your Instagram account along with detailed stats of the photos uploaded. More good things, this plugin also allow your visitor to view your images using a slideshow. It’s such as nice plugin!

Simply Instagram, plugin, instagram sharing plugin, wordpress

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  1. Enjoy Instagram

It’s similar like Simply Instagram that display images using a short code or a widget mode. This plugin is known as the best optimized plugin for mobile devices. This plugin feature flexibility that let you display your image in a grid or a carousel, so the visitors have ability to view the images in a light box mode.

enjoy instagram, plugin, instagram sharing plugin, wordpress


  1. Yakadanda Instagram

Yakadanda plugin does all the basic jobs for you. You can display widgets to showcase your Instagram stats. This plugin also supports WordPress multi-site features which actually its best feature ever.

Yakadanda Instagram, instagram sharing, social sharing, plugin, wordpress


  1. Instagram Theatre

Instagram theatre lets you display images in thumbnail grids, lists, full screen mode and more. You can pull images from the popular Instagram feed, multiple user, hashtags and location. It also comes with a responsive design which is wonderful for your mobile devices. When you use this plugin, it’s like something you need has bring you to whole new level on WordPress.

instagram sharing, social sharing, plugin, wordpress, instagram theather


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  1. Instagram Recent Photos Widget Pro for WordPress

Perhaps this plugin is one of the most powerful Instagram plugin that gives you usability and speed. This plugin caches images on your website so they could deliver it quickly to visitors. It also can pull images from a hash tag or from any user. More pros, it support high pixel density devices and visitors can brows images using a light box gallery. Totally awesome plugin!

Instagram Recent Photos Widget WordPress, plugin, instagram sharing plugin, wordpress


If you think they are not enough or you have better than list above, feel free to tell us using the comment form below.