Passion fruit is fresh fruit rich in vitamin C and contains high iron. It’s also an antioxidant to have power to ward free radical and prevent cancer from early. Passion fruit also increases hemoglobin in blood that very good to maintain our health when consumed regularly.


This fruit also known as granadilla and it comes from Passiflora Edulis, a vine of passion flower native to Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. This fruit is cultivated in various countries with sub tropical and tropical climate. It’s pleasantly sweat and sour a bit. If you love this fruit, you are so lucky because further this fruit has so many health benefits.

passion fruit, ripe, vines, green, beneficial, healthy fruit


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Passion Fruit’s Nutrition Fact

Fiber and Protein

The crunch of seed of passion fruit will provide more fiber than you serve it in a glass of juice. A cup of passion fruit with the pulp and seeds intact contains approximately 24.5 grams of fiber which is equivalent of more than 4 cups of bran cereal, and more than 5 grams of protein. Though, without the seeds and pulp, the fiber content drops to .5 grams per cup and the amount of protein drops below 1 gram.



One passion fruit contains approximately 25% of your daily value of vitamin A. It means, this fruit is greatly beneficial to maintain good vision, healthy skin, cell growth and reproduction. This fruit also contains at least 13 different carotenoids, including zeta-, beta- and alpha-carotene, b-cryptoxanthin and lycopene, all non-nutritive phytochemicals that help your body generate vitamin A. Carotenoid is also known fat soluble, which frugally increase a passion fruit’s fat content, enables better absorption of the vitamin A if you eat the seeds.



People love fruit with high antioxidant like Passion Fruit. With it high antioxidant, the fruit is your protection from the free radical damage cause. It also prevent your from premature aging and maintain your immune system. By serving the seeds of 71 milligrams per cup, it gives you all of the vitamin C you need each day and 10% of the folate you need. Vitamin C and folate are water-soluble nutrients that slowly become depleted after harvest.



Passion fruit is a rich source of iron. The Institute of Medicine recommends that men should get 6 micrograms of iron per day and women should get 8.1 micrograms, a cup of raw passion fruit provides nearly 4 milligrams to maintain their health. To make it at best, you can combine passion fruit with enriched cereals and iron-rich vegetables such as broccoli or beets.


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The Health Benefits of Passion Fruit

  1. Passion Fruit to Prevent Cancer

Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C and high anti-oxidant to prevent and neutralizer free radical. Free radical is one cause of cancer. By protecting yourself from too much free radical, you have done the very first anticipation against cancer. This fruit will set you to have a very healthy life!


  1. Passion Fruit is Good for Your Eyes

Passion fruit is among those healthy fruit for eye. The high anti-oxidant, vitamin C, vitamin A and flavonoid that passion fruit has are enough to protect your eyes from free radical damage. They make such as perfect combination to keep your vision healthy.


  1. Passion Fruit to Improve The Digestive System

Passion fruit has power fiber and high water content to stimulate enzyme that increase amount of liquid in your body so you could have smooth digestive system. Anytime you find something wrong in your digestive, try this passion fruit to help you. Consuming this fruit regularly will absolutely help you out.


passion fruit, ripe, vines, green, beneficial, healthy fruit, seed, pulp


  1. Passion Fruit to Reduce Blood Pressure

Passion fruit has high non-sodium potassium to help you reduce high pressure effectively. Anyone with blood pressure problem should use this fruit for their natural healing. Most people work with this method.


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  1. Passion Fruit to Increase Hemoglobins in Blood

Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C and iron in high level, so it could absorb iron of body very well to increase haemoglobin in blood. It’s very good for our health. Haemoglobin has essential role to transporting blood to all parts of our body. People with lower hemoglobins will usually show symptom like tiredness, drowsiness, flue, dizziness, blackout and breathlessness.


  1. Passion Fruit to Improve Your Immune System

Your immune system is responsible for your immunity. It has important role to identify the threat and get ride of them from your system. To optimize your immune function of your body, passion fruit is essential because of vitamin C, vitamin A and phytonutrients like beta carotene and xanthin that it has. People who consume this fruit regularly are proven higher endurance against common illness such as flu, cold and other infections.