Beautiful is not only about stunning make up and elegant dress to make up your appearance. Beautiful is also how your face emit the happiness, light and healthy skin. So, forget about the cosmetic for a while, natural beauty can be started here when you notice your food. These foods below are easy to find and relatively affordable. Yet, most women don’t realize they bring out the extra benefit for your beauty.


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  • Seafood

Many of sea foods are rich in Omega-3. For your skin, Omega 3 functions to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. Regular consumption of Omega 3 makes your skin smoother and shinier. You can get seafood which is rich in Omega-3 easily in tuna fish, sardine and mackerel. Not only sea food with Omega 3 that is good for you, other seafood like shell is also good for your beauty because it contains zinc that makes your hair thick and healthy.


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  • Strawberry

Strawberry is not only yummy as your favorite dessert and perfect pair for your ice cream. This fruit is very rich in vitamin C that maintains your skin’s health and has strength to resist bad effect of environment like air pollution and free radical. Do you like strawberry juice? Ah, you gotta like it!

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  • Nut

almond, nut, walnutAlmond, Hazelnut and Walnut are variant of healthy nut for your skin. It’s advised to processed them without oil or use healthy oil to earn it acid amino to keep our body slim. So, if you love snacking, those nuts would be good choice for you.


  • Green Pepper

Green pepper contains capsaicin substance as source of spicy flavor that make somebody cry. This substance hampers you from hunger, so that you would not eat excessively after consume green pepper. It will make you stay slim, as research published on European Journal of Nutrition.


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You may find many ways to add your beauty with beauty treatment. However, to look beautiful naturally with foods is the best.