For you who feel like your daily job rapes your freedom to have peaceful life and only give you more pressure, it’s good time for meditation. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to overcome stress and further giving you various benefits. Quoted from Health Me Up, the best time to do meditation is in the morning because it will make us feeling peace and calm during the day.


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Various Benefits of Meditation:

– Improve your emotion stability

– Lower your stress level due to daily activities

– Make you feel peaceful and calm

– Make you feel stronger mentally

– Make you more patience facing your problem of life

– You can share more smile to people around you


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Meditation Tips

Before you learn meditation and practice it for your life, these are tips you can follow:

– Choose a comfort place which makes you easy to pull concentration

– Do regular meditation 1-2 in a day or 10-15 minutes per day

– Do it with friend or in a group. It will make you became more enthusiastic doing meditation and enjoy it as interesting activity

– Do stretching before meditation

– Do meditation to relax and do not rush, remember aim you want to reach doing this activity


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