Have You Laughed Today? Laughing is one top secret recipe to keep people healthier and younger. It has a lot of benefits for our health. When we laugh, muscles in face will have a contraction with our body. It makes the blood pressure and heart beat increase and we breath faster. It’s a mechanism to set our body healthier and better to accelerate oxygen in our body.

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1. Blood Acceleration Improve

Laughing is always good to improve your blood acceleration. In fact, numerous researches shown the same result that those who laugh often will have better blood circulation for blood acceleration. 


2. Better Immune System

Laugh makes body have good mechanism to fight against germ and infection. When you are laughing, your immune system create particular mechanism to improve its quality in fighting against viral, germ and infection.


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3. Low Sugar Level

According to studies, those who laugh often and more will found having low sugar level than those who laugh less. It’s such as a way out for those who have problem with their sugar level. With lower sugar level, you have healthier life.


4. Better Sleeping

Are you one among those who suffered from sleep disorder? Laughing is also a therapy for your body to be more relax so you have better sleeping. If you find your sleeping is not relaxing, then try to get some time to laugh with yourself and friend. You no need to live on drug dependency because laughing works better!


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5. Improve Memory and Focus

Laughing is also good for your brain because it makes your brain work better and improve your memory to have more focus and concentration. When you think memory and focus causing you trouble, have more time to laugh and have fun!


6. Laughing Makes You Younger

It’s not secret anymore. Laughing is the best intake to make you looks younger. When you laugh. muscle in your face becomes more active. It’s doing contraction to make your skin become elastic and healthier. You can relate it, can’t you?



Do you feel exhausted and have a bad day? So, it’s time to go with a friend for some treat to get laugh. If you seem don’t have the time, it’s a good idea to watch comedy on screen or read funny novel. You always have reason to laugh! The best thing about it, laughing is free!