Breast milk is the best nutrition for the baby. It’s the best gift for the baby especially for their first six months of their life. After six months, baby start to learn additional meal to help them grow. But still, breast milk nutrition is still irreplaceable compare others. It has benefits, not only for the baby, but also for mother.


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These are the benefit Breastfeeding for Baby :

1. Increase Baby’s Immune

Breast milk has significant role in increasing baby’s immune system. Breast milk contains hundreds of good bacteria which works against bad bacteria and protect good bacteria. It’s the best natural resource to increase your baby’s immune.


2. Breastfeeding Brings Cognitive Benefit

Researches prove breastfeeding has role in developing intelligence of the baby. Breastfeeding baby will be a cleverer person in the future, especially when their parent know how to direct them.


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3. Repatriate Uterus Size Quickly

During breastfeeding activity, hormone oxytocin is released to repatriate uterus size quickly. It also prevent mother from bleeding after giving birth.


4. Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer

The researches conducted by expert have explained and published their study about this and the result is enough to make people believe how breastfeeding contribute to improve a woman’s health in preventing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

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5. Establish Emotional Connection between Mother and Baby

When mother breastfeeds her baby, the emotional connection between them are stronger. The baby will feel quiet and protected in mom’s cuddle, especially when mother touch them softly and stare at their beautiful eyes. 


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6. Lose Weight without Diet

Woman tends to worry to have their body change after giving birth. When this change may not easy to change, breastfeeding could be your natural weight loss therapy. Numerous researches shown that breastfeeding burns fat approximately 500 calories everyday. Well, it sounds really good, right? You can back to your shape without diet!


7. Natural Contraception

Breastfeeding is natural contraception tool to prevent pregnancy. In medical term, it’s also called Amenorealaktasi Method (MAL)