Daily routine can make your body feel so tired. For instance, it could affect your health and productivity. It could ruin all of your good plan and schedule to move forward. To prevent yourself from too much exhaust, you may need to leave some bad habits below:


1. Skip Exercise

Exercise is not wasting your time. According to University of Georgia, people who exercise approximately 20 minutes/ thrice a week will feel more energetic and reduce themselves from fatigue. Regular exercise also improves our immune system since our cardiovascular works more efficiently to deliver oxygen and nutrition to body tissues.


2. Lack of Drinking Water

Drinking enough water is very essential for your health. Lack of water will steal energy from your body, so you lose your focus and disturb metabolism. To read more about water, you can read this post “Why Water is Essential for You?”.

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3. Skip Breakfast

No need to be hurry, it’s always good to spend time to have a breakfast. Breakfast is your very first energy to start your day. Even when you were sleeping, you still need a meal before to pump blood and accelerate the oxygen. Therefore you need meal to be fuel for your body in the beginning of the day.


4. ‘Yes’ Man

Don’t be a ‘Yes Man’. Being a helpful person is appreciated, but sometimes you should know whether you have to say yes or not. If saying yes drive you to do thing you don’t need to do, it’s better save your energy. If saying yes means give opportunity for people to dodge from their responsibility, it’s a big NO.


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5. Untidy Office Room

According to research conducted by Princeton University, office desk affect your mood and your ability to stay focus and accept information. It’s better to have your desk organized and clean, so you can start your work every day with a good mood. Remember, you may spend most of your time at office!