Diet is one of favorite terms for modern women these days. Most women want a fit and ideal body to make them comfort and improve their self confidence. If you want to make your diet effective, it’s not only regular exercise is required, you must have good management in your eating pattern. Inadvertent mistake in your eating pattern may set your diet program in failed!


These four bad eating patterns may the reason behind your failure:


1.  Fatty Foods Makes You Fat

Fat is not always bad. Some fats even contain beneficial substances for heart’s health and keep your tummy full. Fats also improve absorption of vitamin and nutrition to keep our body system in balance. Good fatty foods are avocado, salmon and olive oil

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Avocado is one of the best source of healthy fat/ (c) Pixabay

2. Eat a Little for Better

Woman on diet are often too much careful on their meal’s portion. They provide smaller portion and assume eating normal will affect on their diet. In fact, more less you eat, your metabolism will run slower. This will affect on your energy on a day. When you starve, you will take much more than normal portion as the revenge. The correct one is selecting good and nutritious food which is healthy for you and gives you enough energy.



3. Eat Too Much

Eating too much is never been good. If you used to have big portion, it will make your stomach widen. In long term, your stomach will be conditioned to get more of normal portion. It’s better to prevent yourself from eating too much by now.


4. Skip Your Breakfast

Breakfast is your first energy to start your day. When you skip your breakfast, you may lose focus and energy and when it comes to lunch time, you will be hurry to eat in a bigger portion. Having breakfast is important for you who in diet. Especially, there will be more calories to burn during the day when you had your breakfast.

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Do not skip your breakfast/ (c) Pixabay