Avocado is wonderful fruit for beauty treatment. This green fruit is very rich in anti-oxidant, good fat and more nutrient to your body and skin. For woman, avocado helps you from dry hair and dull face. Avocado makes dry hair and dull face get extra moisturizer so it gets its mildness back to shiny.


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How to Make an Avocado Mask for Your Face and Hair ?

It’s easy enough that you can follow this following step:

  1. Provide this before: avocado, honey, olive oil, lemon water
  2. Mix avocado flesh with honey and olive oil, stir it.
  3. When the three has mixed well, give a little lemon water, stir it until blended as one.


Lemon water is added to give more freshness and vitamin in your natural mask. Now, when your mask is ready, you can use it for two purpose: hair mask and facial mask at once. You can use this facial mask maximum twice a week for 15-20 minutes each time. Do this mask regularly and you will get the best result for hair and facial treatment. You can be more and shinier!



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