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Six Bad Habits That Make You Look Older

Age doesn’t lie. Though, sometimes it’s just too scary to heard wrong guess from people saying we look older than we are. It feels like we don’t want to get mirror just to check how many wrinkle and a fine line starting to appear. You may need a change! And you can do it from the smallest thing, without surgery or expensive treatment. Perhaps, you have bad habits that affect your skin health and the whole body. These bad habits could be wrong and be the reason behind your ‘look’ older skin.   1. Sleeping Less than 8 Hours...

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Vitamin D Deficiency Harm Your Health

People can get enough vitamin D at ease actually. We can get it through fish oil, food supplement and sunlight. Food contributes approximately 20% vitamin D for our body, according to Catherine Collins from St. George hospital, London. She also added, most of vitamin D distributed by the exposure of sunlight, approximately 80% or more. Unfortunately, sometimes people are too busy with their daily activities so they don’t get enough exposure of the sunlight. However, vitamin D deficiency could harm their health.   ¬†Depression Vitamin D contains neurotransmitter serotonin, a supplement which grows an excitement in our body. The...

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Why Water is Essential for You? Check These Benefits of Water!

Water is miracle of life. This substance is very essential for human life for our body contains 90% of water. Water has a lot of benefit for our body. When we drink enough water, it will accelerate metabolism to keep us staying healthy. Otherwise, when we lack of water, there are a lot of health problem that threat us in a long term.   From various researches, these are the benefit of water for your life: Accelerate Your Digestion System Enough fluid will prevent you from constipation for digestion system can absorb nutrition very well to create mass of...

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