We do believe that social media is actually great tool for people for it connects every dot and makes advanced in knowledge and information sharing. It helps you to keep in touch with friends and family when you can not meet due to distance and time. When you share your updates and photos, your friends and sibling will appreciate you and it makes you feeling even happier.

Beside that positive effects, social media does bring negative side effects. Makes information goes viral is not always good actually because at the same time, violent post and pornography easily gets attention too. Especially, social media is easily accessed by children under age ( Though actually they should be at certain age to register, but to manipulate is so easy ). This shows that social media could harms children when wrong information goes viral.

However, our worries don’t stop on that evil information. Numerous research shown that social media use can lead to depression in teenager and adult. Well, it makes sense as people use this spot to expose their idealized version of their lives which triggers jealousy of longing for better life.

You may experience the day when you could not stop from scrolling down Facebook news feed because it keeps you curious and you end up feeling isolated on that site. You may see the joy of people on social makes you feeling incomplete and unlucky when you’re in the opposite pole and in the lowest level of your life.

Social Media Side Effects

It doesn’t stop at that point. At least, there are five side effects that you should be aware about social media:

1. Social Media Makes You Become Anti-Social
We can’t deny that social media connects us to more people than ever before. Though, at the same time, it isolates us from the real society. We tend to socialize in digitalis way, which is consist of texting, sending instant message, like or comment with our screen. It diverts our attention from become real social with people near us. Really, it’s not beautiful to see you and your friends sitting together in dining table, but you spend most of time smiling and watching the soft screen.

2. Social Media Makes You Never Alone
Oh well, waiting is no longer boring as long as your smartphone is on with you. Whether you wait for your friend to come in date group or waiting the dentist, waiting is fun because you’re busy enjoying your Instagram and Facebook.

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3. Social Media Makes Conversation Out of Fun
What will your friends do when today is your birthday? Did they drop text (SMS) to make it private with you or calling you directly because it feels more warm? Oh well, not anymore! They put congratulatory on twitter or Facebook to make other friends notice them and your other friends end up doing the same. The conversations are not as warm as before. Perhaps, in near future, we will realize that direct message and direct calling in private way is the best way to express what you feel.

4. Social Media Can Kill You
According to NHTSA ( the National Highway Traffic Safety ) shown more than 3000 people died in car crashes involving a distracted driver in 2012. another recent survey conducted by State Farm found that 48% of young drivers use phone-based internet while driving. When you heard people losing their lives while posting to Facebook or Twitter is not a joke. It’s a reality these days. It was too important for some people to update their lives on social media by putting safety behind. Take it as serious warning!

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5. Social Media Makes You Know Too Much about People’s Life
Whether you know them personally or not, it seems like you probably knows everything about them. You know about their baby’s photos, their amazing holiday, their beautiful indoor pool, their wedding anniversary and many more. Knowing these glowing things will lead to jealousy and make you feel insecure and not satisfy with your life. It makes you feel discontent and less grateful for your life. Yes, they don’t show their sadness and their grief, it doesn’t mean they have all perfection though. Keep in mind!

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6. Social Media Changes Your Relationship Goals
The pleasure in relationship has completely change in recent years. Remember the old days, you will smile all days when your boyfriend calling you and send you bucket of flower. These days, what makes you happy is when he put your sweet photo as profile picture or when he posted a good night to your timeline. There’s no intimate like that old days anymore.

7. Social Media Create Addiction
Social media seems to designed to create addiction on their user. When you are on #socialmedia, you can’t keep your eyes off of them. Even you can’t stop checking Facebook, twitter and Instagram when you head to bed.

8. Social Media Can Trigger Depression
The addiction feeling to keep scrolling through your feed actually leave you feeling unsatisfied. It gives you a comparison hangover about you and your friend, your life and other people’s life. When your friend posted about his husband and it’s like she has the best husband in the world, it makes you feeling she is the luckiest person ever, and in your deep heart, you start imagining to have husband like hers. When you are in bad situation and you let this feeling, it will make you feeling depressed and unhappy even more.

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9. Social Media Makes You Not Live in The Moment
Social media distract you from what are you going to do at the moment. When you are in the middle of your work and accidentally open Facebook, you will spend more of your time to scroll down more and more. You will not realize it consumed your one hour time doing nothing. You should control yourself better. When you are at work, leave the social media behind. When you are at dining table too, gadget and social media should not disrupt you from enjoying meals. Social media makes you forget that your presence is important.

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