Online Store is one of most popular way to make money online these days. By having your online store, you have security from being banned from Affiliate program or Publisher program. Though, starting an Online Store itself is not easy. You need to learn continuously to grow your business despite high competition. For early step, you can learn how to build your Online Store website. This time, I would like to recommend you WordPress to be your platform to build an Online Store.


Why WordPress? What makes WordPress is better than other platform to create an Online Store? Read on, and you’ll find out the answer!


wordpress, blogging platform


  1. It’s Open Source

Everyone could use this platform with no cost. Especially when you are at the beginning, using WordPress will make you lose money. You only need to provide hosting and domain and use your money for doing another stuffs, like promotion or marketing.


  1. Excellent CMS

WordPress is excellence in CMS ( Content Management System ), so user could do customization or editing content on your store very easy. It’s completely easy to use, even for the beginner. You can enjoy it even in your first day.

wordpress, blogging, online store


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  1. Plugin Support

Plugin is WordPress’s tool to help you get what you want. Be it slider to customize your look, social media sharing button, subscriber need, content supporter, optimization, commerce plugin and more. There are hundreds of Plugin that ready to use and easy to install. Even to create an Online Store, WordPress has a lot of Online Store building plugin like WooComerce, WordPress e-Commerce and many more.


  1. Various Themes

There are thousands of WordPress themes that you can use to customize your website, whether it’s free or paid version. What you want to customize your website’s look, just find out the best theme suit to your flavor.


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  1. Superior in SEO

WordPress is eminent in SEO and it acknowledged by search engine like Google for structure which meet standard of SEO World. Well, for this reason, the WordPress user always love this CMS!

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  1. Easy to Maintenance

WordPress is very easy to maintain and back up. You no need to worry about your content because WordPress has the best reputation on it.


  1. Regular Update

WordPress is fond of to do regular update to improve it feature and security. As the user, you’ll find this as treat.


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  1. Support Multi-Language


  1. Easy to Upgrade



Those are the reason why WordPress is very popular platform to build an Online Store. If you want to start it, learning WordPress is easy and exciting.