Normally, there is no woman who wants to have playboy as their boyfriend. Dating playboy, even when you start it for the shake of having fun, it really will leave you hurt. Dating a player means letting ourselves to become his game point for a while. No, ladies, you deserve better!

Before you’re in love too deep, is better to read the sign. You may never know the boyfriend you’re dating is exactly a player. This quick helps will help you to find out.

1. Call You After 11pm
We have 24 hours a day and the man you love should call you anytime of the day, and it’s likely to be the right time. When you wait his phone all day, he was gone nowhere. Later, he calls you on 11pm or more while you’re about to sleep. In fact, 11pm or more is playboy favorite time to call any woman. It’s just the sign that he doesn’t want to be serious with you. If he does care to you, he will calls you in the normal time. Even he will just send you a short message anytime to ask how are you doing.

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2. He Has Many Female Friends
Beware when your boyfriend has more female friend than male friend. Well, it’s not that he should not have female friend. Though, Playboy always knows how to approach many girls at one time. If he often accepts call from ladies, you have to watch out. You are not the only one may be!

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Playboy with his Female Friends/ (c) yourqueen

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3. He is so Good in Wordplay
Oh well, he is just one of the sweetest you’ve ever known. He says everything in perfection and it just amazes you like you can’t get out of him. He is even the one who knows what to say when you are angry, sad or in badmood. He makes you feel special and his words show he is just damn good. Oh ladies, does he  really mean for you? Well, before you fly to the highest sky, it’s better to check thing out. Player always knows to say the right thing. Even worse, he said it to many girls before you!

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4. He Talks About Your Figure
Woman loves to hear all good things about herself. For player, it’s great using this to begin his action. He will say you’re beautiful and you’re sexy. When he talks about your figure more often, it’s the sign he wants something from you and he tries to play his game.

5. He Acts More Special in Front of His Gank
When he is with his male friends, you will smell something suspicious. He will hold you thigher and show to his friend that you’re his. For a while, it makes you feeling proud that he doesn’t hide things. You may thing he shows his love to his friend, but actually it’s not form of affection. It’s just the he show his friend you’re his recent game.

6. He is Too Confident
The player always has high self confidence. He knows he was smart enough to conquer new woman he wants. He could even get two or three woman at once!

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7. He is Not Interested with Your Life
He is fascinated by you, but not interest with your life. He may ask what’s going on with your world, but he doesn’t really care with you. sometimes he makes you believe that he is care to you because he wants something from you. When you start talking about your life, your job or your family, his face will show boredom.

8. He Is Cautious When with You
He will usually choose to avoid going out with you. For him, it’s better to not go together public because he is afraid his another girl caught him and everything will be a mess. Though, he has a lot of trick to handle this actually.

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He is cautious when dating with you/ (c) dlove-repair