It would not easy to boost your twitter follower unless you’re celebrity or famous people like Barrack Obama or Miley Cyrus. Thus, you need to work smart to build your follower. There is a secret to follow, but you have to remember the first rule, there’s no instant result.


You no need to be hurry. At first, you really must pay initial attention to your new twitter account like a short-term addiction. Study shows that the more you active, the more follower you’re likely to have. You may notice that most member who tweet under 1000 typically have fewer than 100 followers. Get it? So, it’s really important to invest your time to grow your follower here. At least, you need 1-2 months to make it priority.


What makes Twitter is so much special? For any brand or business, Twitter is very good to bring the new customers. It really boost your sales when you use it well. According to KISSmetrics, by a margin of 64%, users are more likely to buy from brand the follow on Twitter. This social media really offers you potential market!

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Thus, don’t waste your chance because competition is getting thight from day to day. After being active in Twitter, we recommended you to follow this additional tricks:

  1. Use a TimeSaving

Timesaving tools help you to schedule your tweet, so you have tweet management. You can use free and low-cost tools like Hootsuite as this tool allow you to schedule your tweets in advance so you can save your time while having consistent flow of tweet. Good point for people who post content on a regular basis tend to have better engagement and followers.


  1. Join Twitter Chat

Twitter can be a place with wide range discussion from various industries. You can try to join the conversation and chat and socialize with others. The more you show your self, the more opportinity to meet new people in your topics. You can also do favor on current trending topic.

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  1. Multitask

Don’t say you can’t invest your time to Twitter. You can tweet while you’re mobile, while you are on the bus at the gym or during your break hours. Don’t make an excuse!


  1. Respond to People in Similar Interest

Always give your time to those following user who comment on your tweet, retweet or favorite your tweet. You can also do your part by doing so. This kind of interaction will grow your follower in similar interest and it’s super good!


  1. Tweet Inspirational Quotes

Quotes post always steal the show. This typical tweet tend to get higher engagement on Twitter because people enjoy reading them and share it with their friends. You can get collection of inspirational quotes from popular quotes sites like Princess Kaurvaki.

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  1. Follow Users Who Follow Your Followers

To do this, you need to scan the list of accounts that follow your own followers on Twitter using free and low-cost tool like Tweepi. The additional advantage because these users are likely to share similar interests with you.


  1. Follow The Accounts Recommended by Twitter

You’ll notice this feature appear in the #Discover section of your dashboard. This promotion account may carry your username as current followers as it means you get free promotion!