To find the right man is required effort. Sometimes you just don’t realize wasting years dating a wrong guy which hurt you later. Thus, it’s better to see the sign whether you’re dating the right man or not. We know, all that you want is just to be happy!

1. He Will Do The Right Thing and Would Not Hurt You
We’ve been so many times fall in love with a guy who easily say “I Love You” but he end up leaving us bitter. When you’re dating a keeper, things has gone in different route. He is the one who knows how to treat you right and not only say it. He says “I Love You” and he meant it. He will make you as happy as possible and he will show you how much important you are for him. He will show you how to act and not only saying words.

2. He Finds You Special
You’re just so special in his eyes. He watches you with respect when he finds you sexy and beautiful bare-faced. He will take time to figure you out and he just love you the way you are. He feels it for real, no pretending or trying to fake things.

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3. After The Hard Day, He is The First Person You Want to See
You knows he will give you instant refreshment. He will listen to you carefully when you speak your heart out and he will give you his honest feedback without making you feeling intimidated or feeling bad. He knows how to handle your situation and you know how good he is to recharge you with positive energy. This kind of man is very rare and you know how lucky to have him with you. and look, just in minutes, your sadness starts disappear and there is smile in your face.

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He becomes your shoulder to cry on/ (c)

4. He Makes Things Easier
We know how it feels to meet complicated guy who waste your energy. It makes you feeling trap into complicated relationship that you want to leave soon.

Oh no, when you’re dating the right guy, everything is just easier. You will not waste your energy for arguing small things anymore. Even when it hits the rock, he will come to you nicely to show it’s just a simple things and things will sort out soon. Nice!

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5. He Doesn’t Make Excuses
Everyone has issues. The good thing, when you date a completely gentle man, he would never use any of his issue as an excuse to treat you bad. He will handle his issue behind you and still become the nice person to make you smile.

This typical guy doesn’t even want to bother you with his problem. For him, his problem is his own and he come to see you just to see your smile. Even he will feel better when watching you and talking to you.

6. He Delivers Effort Anytime
For him, your security is number one. He will make you feeling safe and protected, as well as make sure you’re feeling happy when you were with him. He can protect you like your brother and give you the comfort level like your best friend. Thus, you can rely on him for everything.

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He will never get tired to make you happy/ (c)

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7. Thing is Easier When He was Near
Life is full of bitterness. Sometimes you were trap into a relationship that was toxic. It made you feeling bad like you don’t want to stay in love anymore. You’re just tired emotionally and physically.

Good thing, the hero comes to your life. You may not like him at first. Though, the way he carries himself and the way he treats you make you realize he brings the different. He is not like any other guy you meet before. With him, you no need to become the queen first to get special treatment from him. He doesn’t required you wearing all the glow things. When you enjoy your modest side, he is all for you.