Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everybody could mean ‘beauty’ in every different ways. It’s not like the way people saying you are cute or sexy. But beautiful are beyond that. It’s not only about somebody’s look, but it describes more than you ever think.

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  1. Mind

Mindful woman has always been a natural attraction. It could be your knowledge on particular object or how you all out to your passionate things. It’s also how you voice your opinion and talk about your perspective. An ability to speak your mind, to teach and to learn from others are also things that make you.


  1. Heart

Woman can’t hide their feeling. Most of woman are born with strong intuition. They follow their heart and have faith in destiny and fate. They love to do what they love and what makes them happy. They also easily touch by kindness and care to small things. Thats what makes them beautiful.


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  1. Moral

Your moral showing who you are. Being kind person, caring person and easy going will make you beautiful with less effort. Your morals are about the kind of person you are. The way you treat others, how you walk through life and live to your own expectation become an inspiration that makes man appreciate you more.


  1. Action

Action speak louder? So now, you can tell me what kind of person you are. If you are woman who easy to help people or become shoulder to cry on for your friend or you can make others first before you, you are definitely beautiful.


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  1. Goal

Woman has right to develop their talent too as well as man do. Many thinks woman has too many border to achieve their goal, especially after married. But it should not be a problem. You can set your goal, work on progress and make wonderful achievement on things you passionate with. You’ll be an inspiration for those men and youngster that woman could do anything they want to without depending to others life.


  1. Hope

Maintain your hope for the better future will give you a value. Hope will show you the road to moving and striving for more. You can write down your hope list and make it true in particular of time.


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  1. Character

Have your own personality. Don’t interfere your self of being other than your self. Do what you want to do and love your self. You may be funny, outgoing, caring, charming or thoughtful? Yeah, we all have our characteristic. You just have to be yourself with your individuality. If man love you for what you are, it means they truly love you.