How does it feel dating an independent woman?? Yes, I know this type of girl has been talk of the town. She is not like girl in common. She is special and make you go ‘awww‘ about having her as your dream girl. She is popular as the smart one, witty and know how to handle anything. If you dating her, she will definitely make you feeling proud of her. Though sometimes you expect her to depend on you more than ever.


  1. She Loves Doing Things By Her Self, It Shouldn’t Get You Frustrated

This is the man reason why she is amazing. Most men want to show how care they are by doing stuff for woman. Start from pull out the chair, opening door, cooking meal and become the first to treat her like the queen. Common girl also tends to expect this kind of treatment, especially in early dating. But you have to know that independent girl is unique. This woman doesn’t need you to do that. Even when you do that manner in repetition it doesn’t make her comfortable. There is no other way but to understand it’s her nature. She used to do it herself and enjoy her independence. This should not hurt your pride. Proud of her!


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  1. She is Friendly to Your Bros

Independent woman tends to have pretty thick skin. Most of them are friendly and easy going. While other girl would not ready to hang out with your guy friends –in large number, they will easily blend with your friend. Your woman can handle any topic of conversation and involved herself with them elegantly. She loves your friends and see how your friends love her too.


  1. She Has Her World

Independent woman always stick to her world like there’s no other. She can put aside relationship behind to do her work or hobby. She is strong to her commitment. Once she has promise, she can let you be the second for her to accomplish the promises. No need to worry, it doesn’t mean she neglect you.

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  1. Remember that She Doesn’t Need You, but She Wants You

What kind of relationship you expected? Do you want your partner always need you or call you twice or thrice a day? If you expect so, you will not stay long with independent woman. Okay, sometimes it’s required to do so, but independent woman is not like that. It’s true that she let you into her life, but it’s not that she needs you in it to get by. Even it’s very rare she asking you help, she really wants you to stay with her. If you hurt her, she will cry too, but she doesn’t like to show it.


  1. She Fights for Her Self

In some difficult situation and you couldn’t be there for reason, you no need to worry about her. She can fend for her self still. She can call her friend and another guy could pick her up. Not time for jealousy because that’s how she lives. She knows what to do in difficult situation and handle it very well. When she hit the rock, she still fight for what she deserves.


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  1. You Don’t Have to Follow Her, Enjoy

Don’t be too serious. Get together with special person like her sometimes give you rush of excitement. You may want to do everything to impress her. No matter it doesn’t work you will not give up. She realizes about it and still stay cool. Actually, she doesn’t really need that. You don’t have to force yourself too hard. Stay cool and be yourself.


  1. When She Trust You and Feel Comfortable with You, It Will Happen…

Some point in independent woman will not work when she feels comfortable with relationship and trust you at best. Naturally she will let you do things for her more than before. She will depend on you for something and ask your advises more. When it happens, it’s signal that she commits to go further with you.