Seriously, you no need to become that hurry to meet your Mr. Right. He is coming. And it’s getting near and nearer since you see that sign. You may remember all those bad days with bad men, but this man you want will give all that you need and make you the happiest women on earth. It’s not fairytale because he is coming for real. And when you see these on him, you know exactly he is your Mr. Right


  1. When He is Upset, He still So Good to You

It shows that he has personality and will be the one to lead you to life full of joy. It’s easy to see good person actually in the beginning of relationship, if you know what I mean. But. To find him so dam good to you even when he is actually in problem will show his quality. If you have him, he will treat you just like the quee, whether it’s during the good time of the bad time. It’s not just about right now.


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  1. He is Good Friend to Your Bestie and Family

If you have a man who restrict you too much on friednship, leave him. Your Mr. Right will show you how to become part of your life. He will maintain relationship not only with you, but also with your family and best friend. He will try his bect to embed himself in everything connected to you. In fact, all of your friend and family really like him!


  1. He Face Problem Like a Real Man

He doesn’t run from problems, whether it’s in relationship with you or in his life. He will fight for you and heading any obstacles. He knows problem can come like the storm, but he has faith to get over it.


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  1. He Gives You Essential Role

 If he wants, he can be too dominant over you. Though, he has better choice that make you feeling awesome: He wants You to Become Strong Part of His Lifes. He would love to listen your opinion on each plan he has and he like to hear you advises.


  1. He is On Your Side When You’re Wronged

No, he is not all up to you. He will tell you about the mistake, but will not leave you alone for the problem or blame you too much. When someone makes you have a bad day and show you the mistake in public, he will calm you down and give you advice like the brother. He knows how to make you a better person and lift you higher.


  1. He Doesn’t Mind to Join Your Hobby

Once he will spend his off-days to accompany you enjoy the activity you love. He not only becomes your boyfriend, but he also become your very best friend. You will find more comfort in him like never before.


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  1. He’s Always be There for You

He is your good friend in bad time and good time. He is a man, not a boy. He will lend you his strength when you face an issue and still be around you for whatever. He may not talk a lot, but his presence will make you realize he is the only one you really want.