It’s pretty weird to find your self still single while you’re active on many of dating sites. Do you think it’s coincident or it’s your unfortunate? There must be something wrong that make this gone wrong. Ah hey, have somebody reviewed your online dating profile yet?


Let’s get straight, your online dating profile speak more than you think. If you seem to invisible for your existence in various online dating sites, this could because something missing from your profile. The dating experts revealed that women tend to make common mistakes that make them not attractive in a glance. So, if you compete with hundreds women there, you will not be their priority.


  1. You Forget that Your Profile Picture is Very Important

In that site you’re not alone, ladies. You compete with hundreds profiles to find one person worth for meeting. They have not known you before, so your photo is the very first impression that attract them to go further. Using low resolution photos will doing any favor for you.


Damona Hoffman, the relationship expert say, “Every photo sends a message”. It means, your photo must be fresh and shot from your very best angle. It should direct people’s eyes to notice you from what you want.


Jeffrey Platts, LA dating expert and men’s coach recommends you to have photos that show your sexiness, confidence and well dressed while hanging out. One thing for sure, never use old photos!


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  1. ‘About Me’ Section is Critical

When one adorable guy attracted to you, he will go to your profile after watching your stunning photo. But you just burn him off for your exaggerate in ‘about me’ section. You no need to make man impressive by saying you’re the sexy girl that every man wanted to live. It’s too much and sounds strange to them.


Your ‘about me’ section should be just simple and show your personality. You can add some humor too to find somebody with similar values and interest.

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  1. Ex is Just Ex, Not More

You may have gone wrong with your past relationship before. Though, it’s not the reason to put your ex or your divorce experience in your romance history. At least not in your profile. You no need to talk negative or talk somebody else in your profile. Laurie Davis, the founder of online dating concierge service eFlirt said she sees this typical mistake in dating profiles.


“It sets a negative tone for your profile — not the most attractive quality to lead with!” she said, “It’s best to keep your last relationship, and all the baggage that came with it, out of your first impression.”


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  1. Say Just Enough

The length of your profile should be just enough, not too long, and not too short. You can tell about your self in intriguing way that make men curious the to know the whole story in your dating section.


  1. OMG… Look at Your Username!

Come on, you must be looking for something serious in your dating site. Having nice username is as important as having impressive photos. Your username should be something original and more grown-up as explain by Platt, a dating expert. Avoid to use strange username which make people get frowned like ‘hotgirlno1’, ‘justinbibierfans’ or ‘sexygirl35’. Ah, you must be kidding me!

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  1. Family Talk

Having great family is great. I know how grateful you are. Or you may showing people how adorable your kids for an attraction and make her become the star of your profile. Though, honestly, you don’t need that. Your profile should be just all about you. Leave them behind and keep the focus on you.


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  1. Did You Send Awkward Message?

Okay, your effort has endlessly appreciated. Though, all your effort will become useless if you doing this. So, stop to send inappropriate messages like ‘hello dear’ or “hay, baby’ to somebody you’re interested in. First, it will you look cheap. Second, you can do better than this.


If you want to send the message first, it wouldn’t be a problem actually. Platt recommends you to write something that show you actually read their profile. You can ask him something about what he wrote about and ask genuine question that make you look stand out. It will lead you to further interaction. And if he excited, the good dating experience is coming.