Smartphone is designed to increase human intelligence toward the advance of technology. It means, with the existence of smartphone, the user should be smarter and wiser than before. Use the smartphone on it place and take advantage of it feature for the correct purpose. Unfortunately, smartphone user sometimes is not that smart we expected before. Many of smartphone user could be so ignorant and childish.


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The research conduct by McCann Truth Central with the survey headline “Truth about Connected to You” involved 9000 smartphone user in around 2013. This survey revealed seven childish behavior of smartphone user throughout the world. The result of this survey might insulting you. Check this out!


1.    Naughty and Wilder

Smartphone triggers the user to act freely when express their curiosity. Thus, this gadget users tend to get tempted to act wilder and naughty like saving vulgar photos, whether it’s an internet photo or attempt to take his naughty pose selfie. Most of the users also peek to adult content and still act like the innocent.


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2.    Addictive

How many of you can not live without smartphone?? Well, based that survey, 38% of respondent confess to always bring their smartphone anywhere, even when they went to toilet. Smartphone is really a lifestyle. Even when people are in restaurant, dating with BFF or in important meeting, they still can’t let themselves alone without smartphone. Pufff….


3.    Greedy

The increased of smartphone user contribute to increased number of pirated apps. Oh yeah, they could buy classy smartphone for the sake of pride and happiness, but to afford legal apps? Hmmm… perhaps in the future!

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4.    Lazy

Many of smartphone users are so addictive to their gadget. Though, most of them are tend to lazy to speak on phone anymore. They also confess are very lazy to response the text messages when they feel don’t like it –no further reason. Most of the time, they could only focus on their favorite instant text message like WhatsApp or social media like Facebook and Twitter.


5.    Rude

Smartphone is rich on written communication. Unwittingly, people realize they have freedom to say what they want. They seems to forget the meaning of respect when writing rude on text message, bullying on social media or even abuse other user. This is so sad!


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6.    Jealousy

On that survey, 55% respondent admit to appraise people from their gadget. It also creates a heart-burning to see friend or other having more sophisticated gadget. Spend all your savings to get new classy smartphone so you’re competitive enough to them? Oh well, smartphone is not everything!


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7.    Arrogant

It has correlation point with no 6. People who have their dream gadget with classy feature that fulfill their desire feel higher and arrogant. They love to show off in front of public and expect people to see them and express their amazement. They don’t care anymore whether its are disruptive or not.


Most of us have smartphone now because it’s not only lifestyle but also a need in modern life. Though, smartphone should not create us to be a fool. That’s why, let’s be smart user and be a good person in life.