Every woman wants to look beautiful all day. Woman was born to be center of attention. They are born to look beautiful and flawless. Though, most of time, we just feel incomplete without make up. Many women can’t live without make up and think something was missing from their beauty when they don’t use any make up.

Well, it seems to be a myth actually. To look beautiful without make up is possible. When you’re depending on make up, it’s not easy indeed to feel confidence without it. You just have to get used to. And we will love to share you the secret to look beautiful without make up.

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 Geting Enough Sleeping
Sleeping is often associated with beauty and health secret. It’s true because enough sleeping will make your skin looking comfortable, younger, smooth and glow. Sleeping is natural way to regenerate dead and damaged cell. Numerous researches claimed that sleeping is the best method to repair skin structure from  daily exposure of pollution and free radical. To make you believe, you can make a comparation how you feel on your health and beauty when you have enough sleeping and lack of sleeping. Comparing this two different habits will make you realize how it gives you true benefit for your skin and body.

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Giving Ice Cube Facial
Have somebody told you that ice cube facial giving various benefit for your beauty? Ice cube will shrink your pore and make your face oil-free. Moreover, it will make your face looking fresh, and get rid of eye bag. To get this benefit, you can do ice cube facial every morning. We suggested you to dig more about ice cube facial in previous post: Ice Cubes Facial to Brighten Your Skin in The Morning.

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 Regular Treatment with Natural Mask
Natural facial mask is one of the best way to nourish your beauty. You can use fruits around you with the secret recipe that you can easily get around the internet. Doing experiment with fruit will giving you various creative idea to maintain your skin. You might interest to try natural mask from apple, cucumber, banana and more.

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Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen
Especially when you love outdoor activity or beach is your favorite place, having sunscreen is a must. Sunscreen or sun block is the best to protect yourself from the damage of sun exposure. When beauty information is everywhere, you’ll get easily the best advice to choose the best sunscreen for your skin.

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 Drink Enough Water
Water is essential for your beauty and health. Human body consist 80 percent liquid, that when your body dehydrate even only one percent, it will cause cause you exhaust, limp and dehydration. To keep moisturize your skin from inside, you need to obey to drink approximately 8 glass a day and adjust it to your activity.

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Daily Fruit and Vegetable
Daily nutrition in balance is important to nourish your beauty and health. Fruit and vegetable is loaded with nutrition that you need, from vitamins, mineral and antioxidant. From this combination, you will get healthier skin, fresh and younger look. You can enjoy raw fruit and vegetable or enjoy them in juice or salad.

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