Preparing your retirement earlier is very good to prevent unexpected things. Numerous survey shown that many people are worry about their retirement, but still they don’t manage to have good preparation. They even still can’t manage their expenditure, the education cost, spend on food, and medical cost. Many of people near retirement still spend most out of their money, which make them find it hard to save money for the future, when they are no longer on productive age.

1. Late Retirement
Contrary to majority beliefs, you don’t have to wait until certai elderly level to retire. You may heard some people retire in their 40-s. You may feel not ready for this when you are not a billionaire. In fact, you no need to become billionaire to retire early. By learning investment strategy, create the right financial decision and working hard in young age, you possibly can do this.

You may need to change your mindset between working for life and working for purpose. When you’re done changing this mindset and ready to learn new thing, like an investment, your life will enter new whole level. You’re never too late to learn new things. Various source to begin learning investment is easy to find nowadays. We’ll make sure you can find the best one when you want it badly enough.

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2. Rely On Your Pension for Everything
You should not fly to the sky when receive your pension initially. The fact, if you can’t use it wisely, you will be on terrible situation due to poor financial. Indeed, you were expecting to use your pension to pay your daily after leaving job. In real life, medical cost, tax and expenses are increased with age.

Your pension only breathe for short terms. You can not rely on everything with your pension. Thus, you must use the money for the right purpose. You may use the money to open small grocery or start home business or other beneficial purpose. When you choose this, you will be grateful later.

3. Rely On Your Children to Work
Most of parent expecting a total break as their retirement. They will rely on their children to work in order to support their expense. Well, it’s a mistake. Most children will be in pleasure to support their parent because it’s something they have to do. The side effect you may not think before, when your son’s or daughter’s job isn’t good enough, the situation will burden them. They should be in situation to enjoy their work and prepare something for the future. They will not mind to support the parent, but rely on them as the only source of income is totally different concept. You may hamper their potential too.

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4. Pray without Doing Another Effort
Retirement doesn’t sound as sweet as spending your whole life in the new apartement near beach and enjoy your long free day with amusement and joy. You can dream it, of course, but after that day, there is life without income. You must have mature financial purpose and maintain your lifestyle to make your retirement smooth.

When you’re no longer working and you don’t have so much money yet, adjust your lifestyle and achieve new goal. Praying is good, but it would not money fall down from the sky. You must work it out while praying is needed.

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5. Don’t Have Financial Plan
If you want a safe retirement, the best thing to do is to increase your saving from 80% to 90% from your current income to administer your comfortable lifestyle in the future. It means you must improve the way you controlling your financial. Control your shopping frequency, dinning out and your favor on branded product. Many people fail in life because they are blind in financial and have bad control in their money. It will always be the best choice to have good financial life earlier to accomplish your mission properly and save for the retirement.