Love is complicated because it involves The Venus and Mars. From most of the problem, sometimes it could come from very simple issue. Women often become the actor to make the wind become worse and more complicated. Sometimes they do unnecessary things in order to maintain the relationship and watch their man. Unfortunately, it tends to ruin the relationship and destructive than help!

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The Spy

Most women tend to have greater feeling of jealousy. They have deep curiosity on what her boyfriend is doing and don’t easily giving a trust. They like to check his boyfriend’s cell phone, spy what he is doing on social media, secretly check their email or the most obsessive is spying their boy from the distance when is with friends. When your boyfriend caught your insecurity and that you worry too much, it annoys him much. First, it will trigger small fight which continue to be a conflict and become more serious issue. Ah, come on, ladies, your boyfriend need some space too! If you want a relationship lasting for a long time, giving faith is important. You may need to suspect him when things go wrong, but no need to act that much and make him feeling uncomfortable. Find a smarter way to communicate things with him!


The Drama Queen

Do you love sharing what you feel on social media? Well, it’s normal because many people love doing so. Unfortunately, not every man love how you reveal every little things you did on social media. It’s like you are showing off and want people to watch your mini-life. Most men also feeling uncomfortable to know you share every moment together on soc-med or the way you scream when your BF late reply his messages. It would be much better become wiser and know what to share and what to not. It’s okay to share on Facebook once or two, but not every second. Or may be you should ask his advice whether it’s good to post all of your vacation photos to Facebook or not. He will feel appreciated if you doing so.

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Maternal Behavior

Maternal behavior is good when it comes to the right time and place. Though, do you act like his mother now to make him feeling uncomfortable? Do you talk to much on small things or become too protective? Great, you are good to be his mother! But , come on ladies, it’s not the right time! Don’t act bossy or like you are his mother, be his biggest supporter and nice girlfriend. Being obsessive is one of the best way to destruct a relationship!


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Teller on Duty, You must good in mathematics!

Stop counting and enjoy your relationship. You no need to count his kindness and compare him to others. Calculation is early symptom of unsatisfied feeling and you want something more from him. It’s like you count how many time he spends his weekend with you than with his friend or calculate the money he gave to his family. When you both were in fight, you will remind him every mistake he did and the kindness you shared. Oh, seriously it’s very annoying! Remember, most men don’t like these typical women. Make him feeling appreciated and he will make you the happiest girl in the world.