Sometimes it feels so great to have solid activity. At the same time, if this happens too often, when you spend most of your time to work and chase your goal, you may end up in your bed feeling so tired and unmotivated. You should not let it happen over and over again. I’m reading great tips that I believe it will help you a lot when I went to Rodalewellness.


Dr. Holly Philips reveals that woman tend to get tired easier than man. Fatigue in woman is usually not a common tiredness. It could be serious health symptom, such as symptom of thyroid glans, anemia, depression or low blook pressure. Hence, we should not underestimate this.


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We would not describe the further effect of fatigue as we would like to share tips to increase your energy and overcome your fatigue. Remember, it’s always good to prevent than to cure. Try this and it does boost your health too!

  1. Sleep Quality as Your Priority
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Lack of sleep is early alarm to rise various healthy symptom. Adult need sleep at least 7-8 hours per day. Yes, we all know this rule, and at the same time neglect this for many times. Now it’s time to remaintain your sleping time and make sure you get good sleep that you really needs. Try to make comparison on how you feel when you get enough sleep and when you lost too much time of sleeping. You will feel so much differences then.


  1. Exercise

Have no time to exercise? I know you must be kidding! Various researches said you only need approximately 10 minutes exercise everyday. Not too much time, right? By having short exercise regularly –of course longer will result better, you will feel so much healthier and fitter.

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  1. Take Care Your Nutrition

It’s time to change your diet. Reduce your junk food consumption and now switc to more protein and omega
 3. Those two are really good for you because its maitnain your blood sugar level. Protein also good to stabilize your blood pressure. Do not forget to enjoy more veggies and fruits too!

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  1. Water

Dehidration will create more fatigue for you. You’ve heard water has so many benefits too, so you have no reason to skip drinking enough water everyday. Not only keep your body away from dehydration, water will keep you in focus and make your body fresh and healthier.


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