Having good relationship is great. However, to maintain it to be evergreen forever may not easy. Human is longing for relationship. It gives you power and create the joy within your heart. Thus, when we are in it, we must really put effort to make ever last.

There is no perfect relationship. Each of it has flaws. It’s normal. What makes it beautiful is, when you know each other flaws and still love each other and take care each other. It’s not about flaws, it’s about how you make it work. When you know it’s your love and destiny, you only want to stay there for many years.

Stay long peacefully in a relationship is not easy. It requires effort from both of you. When you and your partner want it enough to stay forever, the first step is just correct. Thus, things ahead may surprise you because you might never know what will happen. No need to worry because we are here to share you qucik help. These three cool strategies will help you to have best relationship ever!

1. The Relationship that Shared The Same Values
Relationship last longer for various reason. In most cases, when you and your partner share the same value, things will be much easier. The sweet story to happy ever after and grow old together will seems to be real in your life when you both have agreed the same goals and empower each other to reach the goals.

On the other side, too much contrary is not good for long term, such as your beliefs in religion, gender role, money and common perspective. You may still grow old together, but you will live most of your day to argue each other. Oh well, it does happen in couple of relationship and they still love each other, but remember that having peaceful home is always been the best choice.

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2. The Relationship to Improve You and Advance Your Vision
Some people burry their dream when they commit in relationship. They call it sacrifice because one partner doesn’t give them enough support for their vision or might think it was not their chance. Indeed, this kind of thing is not always about relationship. Matter of circumstance may affect too. But hey, when your soulmate give you the best support for your vision, every step feels so much lighter!

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Furthermore, relationship works the best when one inspires and encourage each other. You both have huge respect for each other, appreciate the talent and enjoy the challenge as well. We always believe freedom of expression is the best you can put up in it. Give your partner support and let him/ her shine in the talent she/he has.

3. Relationship to Become Biggest Supporter in Good and Bad Time  |
The storm can come anytime to your relationship and demolished what you’ve built before. Sometimes you just can’t hide it when it’s your curse When this happen to relationship, it’s the opportunity to show him you will always be there for him. Give your time and your attention he needed. You may end up sitting with him in silence for the whole day because he want to be alone, but it’s okay. Your presence is actually just enough for him.

Another good thing will happen after that storm. In this period, your partner will realize you’re one of the rarest thing he will ever have. Your relationship will grow stronger than ever.

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4. Stay Active in Your Relationship
Just like plant in your garden, relationship too needs fertilizer and water to stay alive. Some people stop making effort after staying long in that kind of connection. No, it could never be right. You need to be active in your relationship, no matter it’s 6 months old or 7 year sold. You can choose one dress that you will only wears with him when you have dating or always turn on jazz music with flower during your romance section at the dining table. You also can give him surprise in each moment, give routine good night kiss, say ‘I Love You’ everyday and more things to make it alive.

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When you’re in relationship, enjoy it to the fullest, so there is no hole in your heart anymore. We hope you love this tips and it’s useful for you.