We need a sweet for our daily life. When sugar has become our favorite, we no longer care on how too much sugar can affect our health. Refined sugar is incredibly harmful. For this reason, people are always trying to find healthy alternatives. You may think it’s hard to live without sugar, but if we tell you that you could reduce your sugar intake in your diet without reducing the taste, and it also make you stay healthy, will you excited to hear?

Sugar substitute has widely used this day for healthier life. It’s the best option for people who want to stay healthy by and fit with sweetness. This sugar substitute is a food additive to duplicate sugar in taste when you use it in place, which usually with smaller amount of food energy. As the sugar substitute, they only add up a very less amount of calories to your diet and they don’t get accumulated in your body like sugar, but excreted out of the body with waste materials.

1. Honey
When it comes to natural sweetener, honey is one of the best and the whole world known it for that. Sugar has been used as sugar substitute for centuries. Honey is the best sugar for your milk or warm tea and you can also apply it to your favorite bread for your break fast. Honey has low glycemic content which is very good for weight loss and it’s also rich in anti-oxidant to protect your body from free radical. Honey is also beneficial to treat insomnia, to nouris skin, to heal wounds and to accelerate digestion.

natural honey, honey

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2. Applesauce
According to nutritionist, sweetness of applesauce is equivalent to one cup of white sugar. Applesauce is high in fiber and vitamin C. It’s naturally contains no fat and only few calories per serving.

applesauce, sweetener, apple

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3. Cranberries
Cranberries is among natural ingredient to add sweet taste to your dish while giving no side effect on your health. This healthy fruit only contains 25 calories. By consuming cranberries, you’ll get health benefits including lowering risk of urinary trac infection, prevent certain types of cancer, decrease blood pressure, improve immune system and more.

Cranberries, cranberry

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4. Date Sugar
Date Sugar has the same taste as normal sugar, but it has very small amount of calories when compared to normal sugar. This sweetener is very good to prevent from various diseases like obesity and obesity and it helps you to stay healthy and fit.

date sugar, sugar, healthy sugar

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5. Raisin
Raising is forms as an oxidant product which is a result of various essential oils and is very complex and varied in chemical composition. When it comes to sugar substitutes, we can say that raisin is vey amazing replacement. It can provide a natural tangy sweetness when is added to any of the bakery product.

raisin, sweetener

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6. Banana
Banana is versatile fruit that will give you amazing benefit. It’s very good for your digestion, improved weight-loss goals, regulated heart rhythm and is rich in vitamin for your eye’s health.

banana, fruit, healthy

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7. Brown Rice Syrup
You can get elastic sweet flavor in your food by boiling this brown rice sugar in water. Brown Rice will produce sugar in liquid form that you can use for your sweetener. For your coffee or tea, it’s a healthier sweetener than a common sugar.

brown rice syrup, sweetener, healthy

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8. Barley Malt Extract
Malt Extract is a natural nutritious whole grain sweetener. This sweetener is produced from malted barley, which is a whole grain with natural enzymes. It’s rich in protein and very low in calories. When you want to have a pecan or healthy pie, you can replace your white sugar with this barley malt extract.

barley malt, extract, sweetener, healthy

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9. Grapefruit
Grapefruit is loaded with plenty of vitamin C which is very good to boost your immune system and skin’s health.

grapefruit, fruit, vitamin C, healthy

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10. Fruit Juice
When you provide fruit juice, you’re not only using a right replacement of detrimental sugar. Fruit juice is totally fresh and healthy for your health for it’s packed with multi-vitamin from your favorite mixed fruit.

fruit juice, fruit, healthy

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11. Maple Syrup
Maple syrup is loaded with various vitamins and minerals as it’s very rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus sodium, zinc, sodium, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6. In terms of sugar substitute, maple sugar is two times sweeter than white sugar and you will simply love the caramel flavor in it. It’s a perfection due to high quality taste and a low level of calories.

maple syrup, sweetener, healthy

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12. Rum
Yes, you’re reading it right. Rum can be an optional too as sugar substitute. When we talk about rum, it’s not only about absorbing alcohol of rum, but you can think about extracting healthy sugar from it too. Moreover, rum is also beneficial to lower your blood pressure and help you to relieve from stress.

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13. Lemon
Fact says lemon is great option for sugar change. Lemon is natural sugar loaded with various nutrition and health benefit.It’s an antibacterial, antiviral and beneficial for immune-boosting, digestion and liver cleanser.

lemon, lemon water, infuse water

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14. Apricot Puree
When you use apricot puree as sweetener, you not only get healthy sugar, but also te benefit of vitamin A and C. It sounds great, right?

apricot puree, puree, sweetener, healthier

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15. Milk
Raw milk is already contain few amount of natural sugar in it. Milk is the best source of calcium for your body. It’s loaded with vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium. It’s also rich in magnesium and protein which makes it become a perfect intake for healthy bone growth and development.

milk, raw milk, healthy drink

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16. Agave Extract
Agave Nectar has been used as sweteneer for centuries. People who don’t like honey as sweetener, will usually find agave extract as more palatable choice. Many of experts believe that agave extract is healthier choice for diabetics than sugar or honey for due to it’s relatively low glycemic index value.

agave, agave extract

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17. Coconut Sugar
Coconut sugar is great choice for those who in weight loss program. This sugar substitute would not increase your weight but gives you perfect sweet taste that you like. Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index, only 35, than white sugar, up to 60-65, according to the Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute.

coconut sugar, coconut, healthier sugar

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 18. Stevia
The sugar is produced from stevia plant could be 200-300 time sweeter than white sugar. The best thing about it, it would not land you in trouble with blood glucose problem. It has no calorie and is very good to treat diabetes, osteoporosis and hypertension.

stevia, sugar, healthier sugar

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19. Tea Leaves
Tea leaves is another good sources of natural sugar to a better sugar. Adding tea leaves in your diet will make you feel more energetic and active.

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