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3. Check List for Your Grocery Shopping
We know you find pleasure in your grocery shopping. Though, the spontaneous shopping is a way to boost your weight. You may buy all things you want that could ruin your diet. Well, it means you  make yourself lose in the battle. To handle this, make sure you create a shopping list to reaffirms you with commitment of losing weight. Thus, always remember to create your shopping list and stick with your list.

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Make check-list for your grocery shopping/ (c) Pixabay

4. Not Having a Healthy Eating Plan
Being prepared on what will you eat is essential. Always think how to heave a healthy eating, be it for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. You may need to combine more vegetable and fruit diet with protein and healthy snack. Be creative to plan this, and you will enjoy it!

5. Spend Too Much on Dining Out
Dining out too often is not good for your pocket and your plan of losing weight. According to USDA’s Agriculture Fact Book, amount of calories that Americans consume increased by 530 calories per day between 1970 and 2000, which indicates that people’s eating out in restaurants increased substantially during the same period. The conclusion of this data, when people eating out, people tend to eat more and eat higher calorie foods –one of these two choices or both. The best way to stay healthy and control your weight is take cooking into your own hands. Thus you can control nutrition, fat and portion as well on your favor.

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Dining out too often may ruin your diet program (c) Pixabay

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6. Distracted Eating in Modern Days
Yes, people these days are too stick with technology. They are eating while tweeting, update status on Facebook, calling, working in front of their laptop and watching TV. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has done a research published in February showing distracted eaters are likely to consume up to 50% more calories. People just don’t realize how eating while distracted could make them don’t easily get full since their mind never fully registered what they ate during the current meal. The solution, leave your gadget while meal times. You may turn it off or set them in silent mode.

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7. Forget to Use Scale to Weigh Yourself Regularly
Knowing how much your weight will boost your motivation to lose weight. When you want to lose weight, it’s recommended to weigh yourself regularly. Your scale will not harm self-esteem. It will help you to manage and lower your weight, as the study said.

8. Sharing Your Photos of Food Online
Oh well, it’s really happening that picture of food in both Pinterest and Instagram will make you hungry and probably gain weight. When you watch them, you will see the most mouthwatering food and drink which will ruin your motivation on diet. Solution, instead of watching this food photos, it would be better to read some article to motivate your diet plan. You will have no regret.

9. Consume Liquid Calories
Not only to maintain your food, you also have to watch on what you drink/ observing your beverage pattern because it still carries risk for becoming overweight in the future. The liquid calories in bigger portion are closely linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes and more health problem. Helpful tips that you can use are trying to avoid diet sodas for it increases your desire for additional sweets, drink calorie-free coffee only and enjoy your tea.