When life is getting rushed in a world that change quickly from time to time, having a balance in work-life seems to be harder. We live everyday with solid activity and high stress that wrapped us into emotional life that affect our work-life. Gadget seems to be wonderful tools in our company that keep us alive, but bring more toxic at the same time.

How important is to have balance work-life?? When we have this balance, we will feel more calm, grounded and motivated. Accenture, the management consulting firm, in its study in March 2013 revealed that work-life balance contributed to more happiness, fullfiling and job satisfaction than factors such as position or money. You may not able to get drastic change at the sudden. However, by creating small changes you may help your self a lot to find more comfortable space and enjoy your situation. Discovery 15 ways to achieve a better work-life balance will help your life aligned.

1. Technology is Great, but You Have to Know When to Detach from It
Having the latest smartphone is great, update your status to make your friends and the world is not too bad when you enjoy it. Though, there is time to make your life become more peaceful without all that stuffs. Know when to turn off your smartphone and when to shut down your tablet or laptop. Totally unplugging from the constant activity with gadget and technology including social media can make you feeling free and peaceful.

Study conducted by Harvard University faculty in October 2009 found that when individuals refrained from checking working email and voicemail in just one night a week, they felt even more motivated and positive about their job situation. The respondent also reported feeling more effective and more productive at work. Thus, you may need to try distracting yourself from technology for just 30 minutes a day and watch the result –you can tell us after trying this.

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2. Create Your Schedule and Tweak Your Time for Break
Working can leave you drain when you constantly giving yourself all day long and into the evening to meet expectation. To give your best at work is good, but you do have life to live. You need some “me time” to enjoy your life and make yourself live not only for working. Look at the calender and watch your work hours. When you want it, you can actually spend 15 or 20 minutes a day to stepping back from the demands of work, social life, family time and enjoy your ‘me time’ for gratifying and refreshing.

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3. Don’t be a “Yes, Sir”
Always saying yes for things you can say no is not good to you. It’s good to be kind and helpful, unfortunately, when you’re too kind and too helpful, you will likely to be the most to use for the shake of people’s fun. You may able to say no for the new projects at work when you notice your project hasn’t completely done. You must realize you have limit and people actually can handle their job when are too much depend on you. Having free time is precious and you deserve to have it. For things that ‘can wait’ or ‘can done by themselves’, saying no is needed.

4. Do Not Tackle Your Chores for Weekend
When you’re working long hours almost everyday, you may find it difficult to do your chores, and end up live with it on the weekend. Weekend should be a fun time where you spend your day for relaxing and enjoying your ‘me time’. It would be better for you to take few chores every day of your weekdays, so you can breathe on the weekend without feeling pushing with the chores.

5. Do Best with Flex Time Option
When your company offers flex time, do your best to make your schedule is enjoyable. If you’re parents, then you can make the best deal of flexibility by balancing emands with children. Flex time is really good for the employee to have vary length of their work day like putting in longer hours some days and cut shorter hours on the other days.

6. Meditation Never Goes Wrong
Make your free day completely become useful for the balance of your mind and body. Meditation is really good food for your soul and you always can attach it within your schedule. The study conducted by University of Washington in 2012 found that meditation help people to concentrate for longer periods of time, work more productively and experience less stress at work. When it gives various benefits for your health, it also boost your energy level at work.

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7. Negotiate for More Vacation Time
It’s always great to have option to work remotely, flex time and work-life balance asset. When you’re in interview, investigate the company’s policies about working remotely, pregnancy leave and more to find out whether the company is family friendly and commited to work-life balance or not. You may get information from friends too, do small research on social media or ask directly during interview.

8. Outsource Your Chorus Will Help You So Much
When you don’t have enough time to enjoy your free time, throwing money at a problem is worth the benefit to your state of mind. You may hire person to help you deal with some chores. Having professional laundry and housecleaning will instantly solve the problem.

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9. Make Yourself Completely Indispensable at Work
When you’re invaluable at work, the company will appreciate more. Leni Miller, the author of “Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love” and the owner of EASearch ( the executive and personal-communication about what need to stay healthy and productive ) advised people to do such a good job that they can’t imagine living without you.  Leni also recommended to have job which has really clear, calm, direct lines of communication about what you need to stay healthy and productive.

10. Always Have Creative Solutions
If possible, in nice situation, you can arrange a meeting with your supervisor to discuss way to alleviate burnout and obtain a better work schedule. Talk to him to come up with a solution before you ask your supervisor to fix the problem. Quoted from Livestrong, if you team up with a co-worker on a pressing project and manage the schedule. Make a flex time when you can leave a couple of hours early few days a week to enjoy your time with children or take care of others matters and when to have longer work hours or doing another agreement.

11. Always Have Time to Do Exercise
Study conducted by Russell Clayton in 2013, an assistant professor of management at Saint Leo University in Florida found that exercise not only lowers stress, but also helps an individual to feel more confident and more equipped to deal with family and work issues. Exercise will create a better work-life balance feeling in people. Well, don’t make excuse, 15 minutes of working out is not too much time, dear!

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12. Set Your Priority
Find out what is the most important to you outside the work, tweak into which is optional and which one is non-negotiable. Rank your list and values in order of importance. When you put family at the top of your list, make more family time. You may plan a few family dining out or an hour of quality time with children everyday. You may also have fun time with friends that you don’t want to live without or having fitness or something else on your non-negotiable list. When your list is done, it’s time to set commitment with your work hours and you will feel less cheated of your time.

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13. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Dusting and dishes or washing car can be postponed for few days when you spend your long hours for work and still spend your precious time to fit in family, friends and ‘me time’. It means you deserve to enjoy your time. Leaving small stuff behind may improve your state of mind.

14. Listen to Your Body’s Alert
Your body’s alert will remind you the time you feel most productive during the day and when you feel so tired. By analyzing this, you will find out how to deal with your plan and work effectively. The alert may not give you more hours in a day or will not change a lot but it will help you to boost your performance and solve the hard task with maximum energy and concentration. As the result, you will feel more balanced and enjoy it at your best.

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15. Contend for Work-Life Integration
You may need to ask yourself whether your current job is aligned with your core values, talents and skill or not. Leni Miller, as the employment expert, says she likes to use the term “work-life integration” rather than work-life balance. Miller says, “When people are clear about the parameters of their right work, they are able to integrate the demands of work into their daily lives happily and without resentment.” Further, she also adds if their work is right for them, they want to be in it.

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