Do you have friend with anxiety? You know exactly how grateful you are now since you learn a lot from her. Become an anxiety teaches people how to deal with difficulty in life. Sometime people with that illness feel like the control center of their brain has taken over by that anxious feeling. Something bad can easily happens.


People with anxiety worry too much on potential health issue, relationship, examination, competition, self confidence and many simple thing in life. They can get sudden stomachache and headache when things didn’t work out. When this happen, they will try their best to breathe deep and tell them how to relax. Handle this kind of attack is really a job.


That’s why, it’s important to appreciate the anxiety for their effort to get better. And even sometimes they will show a sense of humor anytime to help themselves looking okay with great attitude. More over, people with anxiety tend to become deep talented people that we can learn of.


  1. People with Anxiety Know How to Not Panic from a Medical False Alarm

When something gone wrong with your body, you may think you have a cancer or serious disease has hit you. In this situation, friend with anxiety can guide you nicely how to deal with that. She can even tell you some websites or training related anxiety and will help you to alleviate your fears. From her, you will get great advice actually!

  1. How to Know Whether it’s Love or Not

When you have your very fist date, you will like flying high on the air. And you will think quickly it’s love. But no, your anxiety friends know better. She will tell you this effect is only for short. And when you can see everything are just nice about that guy, she will make you realize that guys isn’t that nice and it’s just too early to call this as love. Even when it comes to nervous tummies, and sweaty palms, she knows whether it’s legitimate love or your body going into panic mode.

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  1. Teach You How to Control Your Breathing

You can learn breathing from instructors or coach, but the anxiety knows the best how to breathe in difficult mental situation.


  1. How The Anxiety Deal with Insomnia

Insomnia can catch you anytime by surprise. If this often attack you, call your anxiety friend could help. She has myriad solutions that make you smile and knows how to handle your panic. She is not the expert indeed, but her experience tell her so much.


  1. How to Distinguish between Panicking and Obsessively Worrying

The two is literally different. Panic means your body goes into overdrive right away. It’s like your body will response like you’re getting attacked by a large scary creature. You will show your nervous sign like your palms sweat and your heart run faster.


Meanwhile, obsessively worrying is when you can’t stop thinking about one issue that consume your mind and very time. You will make great discussion on this with the anxiety.


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  1. How to Handle Your Nervous

Everyone can experience this. When you prepare your performance or merely standing in front of class, the sudden sweats attack can bombard you like never. Talk to your anxious friend and you’ll know that her advises help you so much.


  1. How to Distinguish Loud Sounds as the Alarm

The loud sounds can be alarm or warning of mass destruction or sign that you have to run. Any other loud signs that bother you and make you fear may sign that you just feel surprised and insecure.


  1. People with Anxiety are The Best to Handle Discomfort

People with anxiety used to deal with sudden nausea, diarrhea or something else that ruin their day in seconds. The discomfort and sudden illness can be the most thing they ever meet. On the other side, you who don’t get used to this will quickly go to doctor or take medicine. It’s not always necessary actually. You’ll know that your stomach are best friend and will nurse you back to health, so no need to worry.


  1. When You Face Serious Flick..

You just got news that your father hospitalized and it gets you so much panic. It’s like you think the worst possibilities that stress you and you’re not ready. Get your anxious friend and she will give you some remedies to become more relax and stay in faith.


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  1. How to Ignore Issue

It’s so easy for people to show their judgement. In some situation, you could find some people against you and create rumor that exaggeratedly negative. The advice from the anxiety could be like the best way to calm you down and move on with goods.


  1. How to Organize Your Closet

Closet is not their favorite, but they become too familiar with this stuff, so yes, they know how to become tricky. For that, she knows how to organize closet to be the better place. It will surprise you how they make it beyond conventional.


  1. 12. The Worst-Case Scenarios Could Happen in Your Life

For you never know what will happen tomorrow. Your life could change and you could lose everything just in a blink of an eye. Of course you don’t want this to happen but thinking of the worst scenario will help you to be anticipated and wise. It will teach to become positive person, but not those who expect too much in life. Remember, too much expectation means more disappointment.