It sounds pretty weird how seems everything about weight loss program doesn’t work on you. You remembered the day you and your friend were trying new healthy diet method, and after that you watched your friend has successfully shed the pounds, but you didn’t. You have even tried harder with eating less and doing more exercise, but still it doesn’t work. It’s sad, indeed.

Don’t give up. There must be something wrong in why you can’t lose weight after all those efforts. Numerous researches found that weight gain and obesity is not only caused by a genetic predisposition or lifestyle behaviors and dietary, but also because of modern environmental factor. Read on, these surprising reasons you can’t lose weight will help you out!

1. You’re Consuming Hidden Sugars
There are so many hidden sugars everywhere, like you will meet in muesli bars, sweet beverages, sauces, breakfast cereal and many more. According to nutritionist, sugar is considered to be more damaging than dietary fat to weight and overall health, and it also contribute to various health problem like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and dental decay.
To avoid hidden sugar, nutritionist advised you to read label and avoid products with high amounts of added sugar. You could also change your sugar with best sugar substitute like we shared in here.

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2. Too Much Sit Down is Not Good
You need to move your body and exercise to maintain your weight. Some people forget to take a break when they were sitting down enjoying their work. In fact, the doctor always advises you to get up and doing break each 1-2 hours while you’re doing sedentary jobs. Nice solution to handle this is fidgeting. Research found those who fidget burn hundred of extra calories throughout the day. Simply you crossing or uncrossing the legs, stretching, standing often and maintain healthy posture. It’s advised to move every 30 minutes to bump your body out.

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3. You Don’t Have Enough Sleep
It’s not secret anymore that lack of sleep could lead to weight loss failure. Sleep deprivation will slow your metabolism and it affects the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin. In your system, ghrelin is produced in the stomach to stimulate hunger, whereas leptin will send command to your brain to stop eating. When you’re not getting enough sleep, you will have lower levels of leptin & higher levels of ghrelin which both will lead to weight gain. When you notice to have this habit, change your habit and find out how to get to bed early. You may need to turn off your light and avoid caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol habit.

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4. Hormonal Condition
Research found that hormone conditions like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance and polycystic ovarian syndrome could lead to weight gain. Particular diet to fix these condition is required. You may need to maintain your refine carbohydrates and increase good-quality protein, vegetables, essential fatty acid and seaweed.

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5. You are Absorbing Environmental Oestrogens
Oestrogens or known as xenoestrogens are systemic chemical found in fertilizer, detergent, cosmetic and plastic. Excess oestrogen will lead you to weight gain in both women and man as result of a study. For the solution, you could try to buy organic products and dispose plastic drink bottles and container.

6. Be Careful with Processed Food
Processed foods sometimes can be so confusing. You may read at the front packing says it’s the best source of calcium or it contains no artificial color, but after all it’s still loaded with sugar. Always read the ingredient list to make sure you’re not into their trap. Some ingredients may sound strange for you, so you better check them out before going to supermarket.

7. You Only Count Calories, not Nutrients
Always think about quality. Indeed, most of people in diet will think of calorie too much. Unfortunately, it makes you forget to pay attention to the most important aspect of food, called nutrients. Now, anytime you choose your favorite snack and food, choose the one with nutrient-dense and is loaded with vitamins, antioxidant and mineral

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8. You Overlook Good Fats
Fat to avoid on your diet is bad fat. This intake is your true enemy when it comes to weight-loss. Unfortunately, people make a  general judgement on fat which makes them loosing good fat to support their diet. Good fats like avocado, fish-oil, seed and nuts will help you to facilitate fat breakdown.

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 9. You Love Eating Out
When you’re eating out, most of the time, fast food restaurant will become your main destination. The combination of busy lifestyle and fast food is perfection to gain some weights. Well, you may not notice this, but if it’s your lifestyle indeed, not surprise you can’t lose weight. The best solution is eating at home. You can cook your own meal with combination of nutritious food you get from grocery store, and it will really save your program.

10. You Don’t Set Goal
Your goal should be aim for a loss of a certain pounds a week and maintain it at your best effort after you accomplish your goal. Some people want to lose weight quickly and after it’s done, they could gain weight easily because they lose vision. The weight loss should be for long-term program. Create a balance between your diet and exercise so you could stay happily with your ideal body.